LAX Wayspots Doctored, Show Recognizable People

Title of the Wayspots:

  • LAX T7 Gate 70B (man on a cell phone, screen manually blurred)
  • LAX T7 Gate 72 (passenger sleeping in foreground, screen manually blurred)
  • JCDecaux LAX T7 Gate 71B (man in yellow shirt facing the viewer, screen manually blurred)
  • LAX Terminal 6 Gate 66 (whole crowd of people waiting)
  • LAX T8 Gate 82 (back of person's head, screen manually blurred)
  • JCDecaux LAX T8 Gate 81 (screen manually blurred)
  • LAX T8 Gate 86 (screen manually blurred)
  • LAX T5 Gate 51 (man clearly seen waiting in background)
  • LAX Terminal5 Gate 57 (passengers waiting in background, screen manually blurred)


  • Terminal 5: 33.94400986132871, -118.40760732010709
  • Terminal 6: 33.94340462745128, -118.40005421958836
  • Terminal 7: 33.94367164292764, -118.39825177514639
  • Terminal 8: Unclear

City: Los Angeles, CA

Country: USA

Additional information: All of these Wayspots either display recognizable people or indicate manual doctoring of the photo by blurring the information screens.


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