Offensive title edit confirmed

Title of the Wayspot: Граффити "Кишки энлайта"

Location: 54.758697, 20.545472 (,20.545472&z=17&pll=54.758697,20.545472)

City: Kaliningrad

Country: Russia

Additional information: Current title "Граффити "Кишки энлайта"" translates from RU to EN as "Graffiti "Enlightened guts"". We (agents, following game rules and fair play) think it's improper edit and previous one ("Граффити" which translates as simple "Graffiti") should be restored. Some local group of submitters & reviewers continues with invalid submits/edits & etc here in Kaliningrad. Reviewers successfully applied this change (seems, they understand OPR as instrument that could be used for trolling and other "funny" things). Some agents I know who reviewed this title edit tried to prevent its change from neutral to offensive one but it didn't help.

Please, revert title changes back and apply proper actions to abusers and trolls. Thank you.


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