Why can't Niantic improve on ineligible submission email?

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So you get "the email". First thing that sticks out is the out of touch rejection criteria (natural area, seasonal, etc..) that gives you in most cases ZERO feedback on what was actually wrong. I cannot read the reviewers minds....

I don't understand why Niantic cannot give the average stars for each of the 6 areas we must grade from 1 to 5 stars in the email . It's simple freaking math and simple programming for the email notification. Also be nice to see for the 1* "Should this be a wayspot" all the reasons given. These simple things could vastly improve future submitting IMHO...

Is there a reason this can't be done?

Just for background, I have had 16 approved and 15 denied nominations. Of that 15, there are only 7 locations that I submitted. I have submitted multiple times on stops because I didn't understand why it was denied and got the BS reason so I resubmitted with a few tweeks hoping for different reviewers who actually read the submission before giving it 1* and an off the wall reason. Most submissions were before I joined this community and feedback I got helped me understand why they were really denied which has helped me greatly.


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