i was falsely accused of making a fake by reviewers and I am a bit concerned about potential penalti

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This was my nominations and we could litterally see the sign on the officiel Street views photosphere from google map. I don't want to get penalised because I am falsely accused of something.

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    So you mean you got the message, that your nomination was flagged in the rejection mail?

    Since this is very often used and I never heard about any case, when this woud have led to any sanctions, you shouldn't be worried ..... i guess it's like all the other trash rejections with live animal, bad picture or stuff and so on, that happen nowadays. I never saw any hint, that Niantic processes the flaggs of this rejection reason in any way.

    But I have a few problems with your submission:

    For me as a German this sign looks like a generic streetsign and your biking trails only seems to be only the biking lane of a street. So I would guess it's ineligible, since eligible trail markers should somehow be dedicated only to bikers and hikers, and shouldnt be part of the generic traffic system and so somehow have recreational function..... but that's a point, that should be discussed with poeple from America. I'm out here, since I found pictures in this forum showing bike lanes next to an American highway, that were officially called "recreational trail" by a sign. European me was disgusted about, what America calls "recreational" .....

    If your people would agree, that this may be eligible, than you should iprove your picture (although for me personal no reason to reject the submission this way, but there are people in this forum, who are way to fast at the bad-photo-button for very shallow reasons). To make a long story short: one step closer to the sign, and better centering of the green sign ;)

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    Well yeah. The sign was higher than it looks like on the photo so I had a hard time taking a decent picture. I can understand why you would see cycling road signs as generic, but local reviewers usually accept those and I already have a few approved. This sign is also in Quebec and we are allowed to walk on cycling roads while it's not the same elsewhere. I agree that they are not exactly the most fascinating signs, but they help areas with a lower density.

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    @Euthanasio2-PGO I understand the value of cycling and walking trails but I would also perceive this as a generic road sign. It appears to be for a bike lane on a public roadway not a trail, and I don't it's any difference than another road sign that gives distances to various destinations.

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    If your nomination was rejected with "abuse" or "fake nomination" listed as a reason, it is not the same as Niantic individually reaching out to you. Those emails look very different and will contain explicit warnings that violations of policy can affect your Wayfarer access. If you just had the standard rejection email, I don't believe those are typically reviewed by the same abuse team that handles warnings. That said, even if it was truly flagged for abuse, Casey made a post as follows:

    Just because something was flagged for abuse, however, doesn't mean that we're automatically going to be issuing warnings, bans or suspensions to the potentially offending account. Our abuse team carefully reviews these reports to make sure that punishments are doled out appropriately. Additionally, you have the opportunity to appeal any strike or suspension against your account.

    Don't worry about an occasional "bad rejection reason" - those are all too common nowadays.

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    I’ve been given rejection emails before with the reason being “abuse”. Sometimes for memorial benches, sometimes for indoor nominations with no street view. I haven’t suffered negatively from it yet. It probably would take a lot of those kind of rejections before Niantic looked into seeing if a ruined needed to be taken

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    @Euthanasio2-PGO why do you say you were accused of fake?

    Because it appeared as a reject reason in the reject e-mail?

    ignore that, don't take it personally. i also received that a lot of times. abuse and what not. ignore it.

    just keep submmiting.

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    To be honest. I submitted many of those and it's the first time it gets refused. I feel like local reviewers see them as fine, but not necessarily others

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    For Germany this one may be an instructive example:

    This kind of green-white metal signs is the corporate design of destination markers of bike trails and normal bike lanes. so you will find them as part of the normal traffic system as well as in the middle of nowhere. So all the stuff written on it are only town names and distance measures and a few symbols, that cyclists should be aware of steep hills on the way. So this kind of signs divides the minds. What this specific example makes undoubtfully eligible and a 4+* example are the squared small additional signs, that represent different named bike trails.

    So maybe your region has similar small hints, that make some of your markers better than others in respect fo the Nia criteria....

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    The other markers that I got accepted (3 of them) looks exactly like the one I posted.

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    @Euthanasio2-PGO If you wouldn’t mind could you post the ones that you got accepted. I feel like these could actually help others in the long run as examples to get some accepted for themselves. My best advice I can give above all is don’t let one getting denied get you down. Stay positive & keep trying

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    Translation : This cycling road marker indicates the remaining distance to arrive at Loretteville or Parc Chauveau

    Translation #2 : This nomination fits Niantic's criteria because it's a permanent objecy that indicate relevant directions on a cycling road. It's a great place for exercise.

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