Remind me... Upgrade wait after submitting?

I recall reading something about timing upgrades and wait time after submission, but I now can't find that discussion.

I just submitted something I really want to push through. I have 2 other things in queue also. I'm at 97% to an upgrade. I don't want the other 2 to get the upgrade, so I marked The One I Really Want as Upgrade Next.

I only submitted The One I Really Want 2 hours ago. I'm hearing there's a 48 hour wait until that can go into voting (true?). If I hit that 100% and the upgrade is applied within that first 48 hours, (a) is that bad? (b) can it move my submission into voting sooner? (My understanding is no, upgrade does not affect getting into voting, but also heard people had submissions in queue for months until an upgrade was applied and then it finally moved into voting). Just looking for clarification...thank y'all!


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