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Upgrade Next Tag Disappears


• If a Player nominates multiple new portals into the network, and then successfully reviews enough nominations to earn multiple upgrades, the "Upgrade Next" indication tag may be lost.

Reproduction Steps

1. Submit multiple new Portals for nomination

2. Review enough portal nominations in Wayfarer to earn multiple upgrades

3. Navigate to a new portal nomination in Wayfarer

3. Click the Upgrade Next button

• Portal now contains an "Upgrade Next" tag

4. Navigate to another portal nomination and click the "Upgrade Next" button

5. Do not agree to upgrade this portal next

6. Click the cancel button

7. Navigate back to the Nominations page in Wayfinder


• The "Upgrade Next" tag from the first portal has disappeared

Expected Results

• As the Player failed to complete the second Upgrade Next action, the initial portal should still retain an "Upgrade Next" indicator.

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