Duplicate proposals, account hacked? Help!

I have recently uploaded proposals for pokestops in my city, one of the proposals was recently approved, but there is another one that is still pending. Today while evaluating proposals I find one from a city that is more than 200 km away and has exactly MY PHOTOS AND TEXT. EXACTLY THE SAME and that proposal was not accepted yet !!! How is that possible? I attach screenshots.
I live in Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Proposal is for the headquarters of INTA, I leave a link that shows REAL ub

The Proposal that I denounce is in the city of 9 DE JULIO, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA

There is also ANOTHER DUPLICATE PORTAL, but I will report it in a new post.

I am concerned that my account is somehow being hacked. I have a history of accepted and totally valid proposals and I don't deserve this to happen, help!

In the attached files, I differentiate the false ones from the real ones with their respective names.

I am sorry that my English is not perfect, but I would like you to help me with this case!



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