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A big amount of Title/Description edits because all of the sculptures are named randomly here

LukeAllStars-PGOLukeAllStars-PGO Posts: 3,448 ✭✭✭✭✭

Title of the wayspot: in the document

Location: in the document

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Additional information:

Like the title of this discussion says, I found out that all the sculptures and art objects in my city are named randomly. Almost all of them are from the early days of Ingress. So here is a list of the wrongly named ones with evidence for their real name + suggestions from my side.

Additionally, I want to point out that making all of these edits ingame is impossible due to waaaaaay too long waiting times, so I hope this can speed it up a bit. And with way too long I mean over one year and nothing really happens.


Hope the edits can get approved. Thanks for any help.

Since I don't know whether this works or not, I will only post the first few ones. There is another big part, but this will follow when this appeal works well for me.



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