Cooldown after 20 photo reviews in a row.

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Like the title said, I got 20 photo reviews in a row and then a cooldown. Not only is that weird to have so many photo reviews in a row, but to have them trigger a cooldown is ridiculous. How long do you have to wait between them when they’re usually no more than two photos and it’s pretty obvious whether or not they meet criteria. I take my time with nominations and edits, but it shouldn’t really take anyone more than about 8 seconds to look at two pics and see if they meet criteria. The only ones that take time are the ones in Spanish because I have to use google translate if there isn’t a key word or two I know to tell me it’s a playground or something.


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    I have similar experience with photo reviews. Getting a bunch of them in a row, and then a cooldown - had that happen multiple times. Don't really understand the logic behind this, from the coding perspective.

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    Getting swamped by photo reviews now, just going to push nomination review times even longer. Niantic logic...

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    Sadly, you have to spend on them as much time as with other things you review - wait at least 20-30 second before you go to another nomination from any photo review, you won't get cooldown if you do it.

    I do it like that, I choose the wrong photos (or if all photos are good, I choose that all are right), I then look at somoething else or watch a short video to be sure 20-30 seconds have passed and after it I click for another nomination - doing it like that I didn't get cooldown so far, even if I had several photo review in a row.

    I hope Niantic will change something about photo, title/description or location edits, for sure revieweing them don't take as much time to review as normal nomination, we shouldn't have to wait 20 seconds on them to get another thing to review. It is annoying, as we get more and more photo edits to review now :/

  • Losifer026-INGLosifer026-ING Posts: 198 ✭✭✭✭

    Yeah, I started doing exactly that. Reading a bit of an article or watching a bit of a video and then going back before going on to the next thing. It sure does make this tedious. They never should have turned edits and pics over to reviewers. Our edits in many cases take a year or two before being resolved and now this with the pics is yet another problem now.

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    I hope Niantic will do something about it in the future. They did mention that they're working on changing Wayfarer now, I hope it also include all edits reviewes too.

    But for now waiting 20-30 seconds is everything we can do to avoid cooldowns :(

    And you're right, I did some title edits recently to make them more accurate, and most of them are still in system. Weird thing is I did two edits recently, and I got one of them approved after 5 days (I was in shock that it was so fast), when the older ones are in system for months now - how it works I have no idea, as all edits are from the same location and from the same voting cell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I review a lot title and photo edits recently, I even got more of them than location edit, which were much often to do so far for me. I hope system will works more accurate after change, now it's really clog up and need fixes.

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    Ich habe die Erfahrung auch machen müssen. Gestern habe ich 5 Fotobewertungen in Folge gemacht, die meines Erachtens die Kriterien erfüllt haben. Und Schwupps, Abklingzeit wegen Feststellung von gleichen Bewertungen....... Verstehe ich nicht ganz, wenn doch meine Meinung gefragt ist, bewerte ich doch wie ich denke, unter Berücksichtigung der Kriterien.?.?

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    i recently started with Wayfarer expecting to push this thing, as my mates talk "my submit has been stuck since last summer" i did not know anything about medals, and the upgrade was a nice surprise. but all my efforts were confused by cooldowns. after some 4h cooldowns i have now 4d cooldown. i shook google to get the reasons, and as far as i understand, the rating does not matter (i'll leave it for another case of criticism), only the speed. to be honest, i tried with the timer, trying to spend not less time on review, as i found in forums. but i realized, i can not act so slowly, really, i tried. and i believe, only robot could. 

    Niantic, try to review 100-300 photo/text edits at once by yourself. how long will you spend, clicking several times per review finally? 

    yes, sometimes there are interesting reviews from the point of their reality (by the way, i cant click location in the photo review, i try by the address), i can spend several minutes, but most of them (very very most) are 5-10s.

    new waystop review: playground, playground, playground, religion, playground, playground, something fun(stay longer), playground, religion, playground, playground, religion, playground - doesn't really matter how many stars i place in culture etc. i can vary +- but they are same (so, that mystic robot, you mean me, could too). after some same reviews the speed increases anyway. 

    and those fans (mostly adults, decent people) who are trying to improve the route map just get a rag in the nose with the message "cool job", how many of them will remain after that?

    do something with this cooldown, or you will be drowned in queue with no solid volunteers. 

    p.s. i will probably record my reviews with comments, why i do in every particular case, how can i prove you i'm not a robot :)

  • HaramDingo-INGHaramDingo-ING Posts: 1,582 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Personally, the impression this gives is that Niantic does not review. If they were in-tune with their own platform, they themselves should be able to understand and even sympathise with all of our complaints and calls for reducing these worthless cooldowns. But it really is not the case.

    No matter what is done, seeing all these fake nominations and doing diligent comments, Wayfarer will STILL ask me whether I'm a robot, numerous times. Tbh, it would be better if robots were doing reviews instead sometimes, because often I really can't tell whether a square has a vehicle or not.

  • kitanchik-INGkitanchik-ING Posts: 77 ✭✭

    be sure, the robot do it much more better than we :) it even can deal with the voice antirobot, and definitely, it would not spend too less time on one review. but i believe, that there is no point to spend a time on development of the robot in this case to get a medal or smth.

    as for me - that captcha mostly do not give any pictures, just checkbox "im not a robot" to click. it just mean, that the ban will be soon

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