Wrongfully marked as a duplicate?

Hi. My nomination of a library came back as a duplicate of an existing house of culture wayspot. Library is in the same building, but I tought that it would be considered a different wayspot. It is in a different s17 cell and more than 20 meters away from culture house wayspot. Is this correct? What should I do now when library photo was added to the culture house wayspot? Is there a way how to appeal this? Thank you :)

Nomination ID: 5Y1UR34Thso8gGwXfCMHQRq8b2hg0lRV9RMwaiA72kE=

LIBRARY (Knižnica)

HOUSE OF CULTURE (Dom kultúry)


  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 2,323 ✭✭✭✭✭

    You cannot appeal this decision, you can only resubmit your nomination and try again.

    The biggest problem is that it appears to be in the same very distinctive looking building so that is why reviewers are marking it as duplicate, particularly as it appears the only entrance you can see from Streetview is the one at the location of the existing DK Zrkadlový háj

    Unfortunately, the nomination being in a different S17 cell has no bearing on the review.

  • Ma3x55-INGMa3x55-ING Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Thanks for the reply. Library even has a separate entrance from the back but there isn't a sign that would say knižnica. I was kinda looking for the answer if it can be a wayspot if it's in the same building. I know that cells have nothing to do with it. It's frustrating because I wasted an upgrade, I will try to nominate it again with a different name and additional info.

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