Location Edit (> 10m): Aufwachen

Title of the Wayspot: Aufwachen

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=54.30674,10.163226&z=15&pll=54.30674,10.163226

City: Kiel

Country: Germany

The position of the portal is once again suspiciously close to the cell border in such way that it's been located in an empty cell and does not interfere with the neighboring portal "Skulptur - "Balance"". Anyway the location is wrong nonetheless and from the google maps images it's clearly visible that the "Aufwachen" sculpture/sign is not located right next to the walkway. It's a tree. Instead, it should be moved to the location (54.306861465689146, 10.163122856329014) shown in this image:

While there is no street view image available, the shadow of the portal IS visible and has the same outline as the sculpture/sign shown in the portal image above.



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