Invalid Wayspot Appeal (Duplicate)

Title of the Wayspot: Дворец пионеров


City: Yekaterinburg

Country: Russia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Hello. On the map above we can see two close to each other portal. Their names and photo-covers are different, but in fact they represent us one and the same object. The Palace of Pioneers (Дворец пионеров) was created in the Rastorguev-Kharitonov estate (Усадьба Расторгуева-Харитонова) during the Soviet years.

Look at the photo-covers of the portals:

Current photo-cover of the portal "Дворец пионеров" (we see columns in the architecture of the building):

Current photo-cover of the portal "Усадьба Расторгуева-Харитонова" [,60.610364&z=17&pll=56.845088,60.610364] (we see a memorial plaque. By the way, the information that the estate has become the Palace of Pioneers is contained on the plate itself.) :

And here is a photo of the corner of the house:

So these portals represent the same building. Therefore, I believe that one of the portals is a duplicate. Combine them or remove one.

Thanks for attention.



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