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Title of the Wayspot: Skatepark de Vernier

Location: 46.2202423, 6.0836152

City: Geneva

Country: Swiss

Photos to support your claim:

 I report the abusive removal of:  Skatepark de Vernier.

We notice that some portal disappear for no reason.

 This portal falls under the acceptance clauses, it is also perfectly visible on Street View as well as on the map.

 Please re-establish the portal and thus take sanctions against the person responsible for this abusive deletion.

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    You'd have a much better chance if you made some geotagged photos proving that the skatepark still exists. The Street View image you're using as proof is from 2013, so it doesn't really prove anything. The park is visibly still there on the satellite view, though, so I'm inclined to believe you, but still, better safe than sorry, and a current, geotagged photo would provide definite proof.

    Another thing to consider is that maybe the owner asked for the portal to be removed. I'm thinking this is the case because it's very rare that a PoI that's visibly still there on satellite view and doesn't meet other removal criteria is removed.

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    Please excuse me for the information I was given was incorrect. 

    This sits no longer exists. 

    Please withdraw my report sorry.

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