Denderleeuw, Belgium - Wayspot in incorrect location

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Title of the Wayspot: Welle en kapellemeersen


Current (Incorrect) Location: 50.891208,4.081169


Real Location: 50.89103424452049, 4.0741167803421146 (approx.)

City: Denderleeuw

Country: Belgium

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A (Edit location did not work through the Ingress in-game appeal tool)

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information

This wayspot drew my attention when I saw it in Ingress being captured may 2nd, 01:05 am, local time (11:05 PM UTC, may 1st). This is past the local curfew put in place because of the Corona pandemic.

The portal picture seems to be taken from a computer screen. Also notice the checkered tiles in the background, they will be useful to identify the correct location of the wayspot.The picture also received six upvotes, which might suggest an attempt at a pokegym.

When looking at this location in google maps, I could not find a road leading to this wayspot. The portal seems to be in someone's backyard. Streetview confirms that no public road leads to this wayspot. (see picture above with the red dot and the streetview of said location)

The wayspot is a sign post dedicated to a walking trail. Googling the name of this trail, you can find the website . It shows that the trail starts near the Stationstraat. This would most likely be the exact location of the wayspot (see below).

Going back to google maps and streetview, we can find the actual location of the wayspot when looking at the starting point of the trail/the correct location of the wayspot. (indicated in red)

The checkered path visible on streetview (indicated in purple) is also visible on the wayspot picture (see above), confirming that this is the exact location of the wayspot and not the backyard where it is currently located.

Please take appropriate action. Thank you.



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