Wasabi House - Halifax, NS

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Title: Wasabi House

Location: 44.6445952, -63.6004178

or https://goo.gl/maps/etmZKcdW5mD1jtN57

City: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Country: CANADA

Submitted Pokestop Photo (there are no discernable license plates in this photo):

Even if you zoom in to the reflected cars in the window:

There are vehicles in my SUPPLEMENTAL photo to show the neighbourhood, but those license plates are not discernable and that photo was only to provide context for reviewers:

Here it is zoomed in:

Again, NO discernable information and this is the supplemental photo.

The only way to take a photo of that corner with no vehicles would be from the middle of the road at 3am. If you look at the Google street view there are vehicles there, but they also have no discernable license information.

This location truly is a staple of this district and is worthy of nomination. The rejection it received is just nonsense. From my nomination:

Please accept this appeal for the rejection of this nomination

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    You cannot appeal a rejected submission, the only thing Niantic will say is "resubmit if you think it is a good Waypoint".

    Restaurants are difficult to get accepted, and your details are very bland and generic. Has this place won any awards, are there any good reviews or articles in the local paper? You need to "sell" this to reviewers, at the moment it's just "another restaurant".

    Your first photo is ok. Licence plates in a supporting photo are ok because they never appear in the Waypoint photo in game, but some reviewers incorrectly reject submissions if they see this.

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    First, you can't appeal rejected nominations, but you can post it in Nomination Improvement part of forum to get feedback about this nomiantion and how to improve it to get it accepted.

    Second, as I mentioned, it's wrong part of forum for it, try Nomination Improvement part of forum :)

    About rejections - not all rejection reason might be correct, some might be the case of misclick or just bad reviewer, but it take many people to reject your nomination.

    You got two rejection reasons:

    •  Recognizable license plate
    •  Not meet acceptance criteria

    Let's say that 20 people rejected this nomination - 19 choose "Not meet criteria" and 1 choose "recognizable license plate" - you will get both these rejection reasons in rejection mail, that how system works now. So don't focus only on one rejection reason, think about all of them, why your nomination was rejected.

    As restaurants in general are eligible, criteria says that popular restaurants are eligible - not all restaurants. Because of that it's really hard to get any restaurant accepted.

    You must give good information for reviewers to get restaurants accepted, especially if you live in big city and there is many restaurants in close area. Looking on map view of your location, I counted 15 restaurants and coffe shops on this street alone, and 4 of them are in really close location to your nomination. Non all of them would be eligible (like chain restaurant like McDonald and KFC - they're not eligible), but all others looks like good nominations too - but because there is so many of them, it's not easy to get all of them or any of them accepted, as you must explain why this exact one is the popular one from so many others in this location.

    I don't see your support text in screenshot, but your description is really generic, it isn't saying anything important about your nomination, and if you would changed 2 words, you could use it for any other restaurant from this area.

    You must add more information about this place, explain why it's a popular restaurant, you're saying it's here for years - maybe try to tell how many years, if it win any awards, tell about it, if it has any famous meal it's known for, mention it - give some reasons to reviewers so that they will see it's popular restaurant. You must also add some nice information in support text - in support text you can explain how it can be important for locals, you can add a link to restaurant webiste, give some more explanation why it's good to be accepted etc.

    To sum it up, restaurants are hard to get accepted, especially if you have many in one area or if this area you have some restaurants as POI already. Your nomination can be accepted, but you must give more information for reviewers about it. Good luck, I hope it will be accepted next time :)

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    Thanks for the detailed critique. I’ll put together a better submission.

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