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Upgrading a wayspot literally does nothing?

Irix99-PGOIrix99-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭
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Hello everyone and thanks for answering!

Three days ago my bf and I started submitting new portals in our area. That same day we started reviewing like crazy in wayfarer to try and get a couple of upgrades because our area doesn't have many pokestops or gyms, so we wanted to speed up things a bit. The 29th at night we got the upgrades and applied them, and next morning we got up to an upgraded pokestop still in queue and normal one, without upgrade, being voted (also the other upgraded one in the other account is in queue, but at least the other portals submited on 29th aren't in voting). 

As I understood, upgrades were useful to speed up the queueing and voting process, making people from further locations review the submissions. Am I wrong and didn't understand it correctly? Do really upgrades make a difference?

P.S: I'm pretty sure the wayspot "Rutas del pueblo" didn't have the voting tag before going to bed.

Thank you!

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