Request on the Removal of an Invalid Wayspot within premise of a hospital in Hong Kong

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Title of the Wayspot: Guess The Animal

Location: [Lat/Long] 22.316139N, 114.209006E

City: Kowloon City District

Country: Hong Kong SAR

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

The problematic portal "Guess The Animal" in request to be removed, locates at the premise of Hong Kong Children's Hospital. The hospital is newly built in the Kai Tak Development Area and has commenced service since 2018, providing paediatric medical diagnosis and treatment for patients under age of 18.

The portal "Guess The Animal" reflects the place name sign of the Hong Kong Children's Hospital, where it allows passersby people and drivers to know the entrance of the Hospital, left to this sign.

This can be proved by Google Maps streetview:,114.2091742,3a,75y,238.76h,91.3t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIxPnlu8pW9QyJcB7VzdpQg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

The nominator of this portal is suspected in an attempt to outwit reviewers, by using the cover photo taken during a period where the Hospital is under construction, with the sign and its decorative animal silhouettes completed without the words "Hong Kong Children's Hospital 香港兒童醫院" written yet, and trying to counterfeit that the sign is something ordinary and artistic instead of a hospital property, on the previous OPR platform.

Please also note that the sign is clearly located at the premise of the Hospital's property, where you can see Image IMG_0566 attached, showing the sign is situated within the land lot of Hospital property, where you can see the sign lies parallel to the levelled barrier with trees and bushes running alongside. The yellowish gate further from the camera is the vehicle entrance of the Hospital, where ambulances rush in and out to save lives of dying children.

You can refer to this website to know more about the Hong Kong Children's Hospital.

Niantic and the Ingress gaming community's efforts in maintaining a safe, fair and fun gamelay environment is always appreciated, which these efforts in return continually help our numerous communities to enjoy Ingress and other Niantic Games in the area safely. For those members, either agents from both factions and trainers who trickily use the weakness of OPR or Wayfarer nomination, omit safety and conduct to abusively take advantages from invalid portals, trespassing into dangerous or inappropriate areas, or even using tools violating TOS of Niantic Games, their problematic behaviour and legitimacy of gameplay shall be escalated into the discussion of regulation or penalty from Niantic. Please tackle these abusive players seriously and take actions where it is appropriate and when evidence is clear enough.

Thank you for your kind attention and follow-up actions.


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    The object is on a public sidewalk and is not in the driveway of emergency vehicles nor would standing there block entrance to the hospital in any way. In fact, there are several taxis and a public transit bus in the driveway, which means that the driveway is not for emergency vehicles. There is also a sign at the beginning of the driveway that states in English "No Accident or Emergency Services." Wayspots are allowed at hospitals so long as they do not block emergency vehicles or interfere with the hospitals operations. And though the fact that it is a children's hospital may change, this Wayspot would not fall under the "Emergency Services" category.

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    Hello there.

    Please note that as well this Wayspot has its name and cover photo inaccurately reflect its location and use: directing people to the hospital. I doubt if the hospital hopes people playing loc-based games in front of that sign, which in contrast you think it is a good idea of have hospital signs to be a good POI for gaming people to travel to, and to be a "Good Place for Exploration" and a place that "you love to venture out to".

    In response to what you say, that the Hospital has a sign that says there is no Accident or Emergency Services, I have written clearly that this hospital functions as a diagnostic and treatment hospital. Say like children who have cancer, poliomyelitis, or other chronic deadly dieases, would be staying there for long term during their treatment, rehabilitation or even palliative care services. In case if you don't understand, palliative care means caretaking services for someone is destined to die for the disease and requires a quiet and medical-aided environment with 24-hour intensive care. These sick children sometimes go home to spend Christmas or Birthdays, and unfortunately they are often sent back to the hospital in a circumstance like they suddenly faint in coma during a family trip. Ambulances are equally rush when patients are delivered for urgent medical treatment. The words you mentioned is meant to tell patients with a broken leg, a high fever, a diarrhea, or even dying from a car accidents, that they cannot come for treatment as the profession here cannot help them. You don't go to a local clinic for acute symptoms from Covid-19. It is the same case.

    I wonder if a POI that attracts strangers wandering around a rehab treatment and palliative hospice facility like this would be appropriate.

    Interestingly I would love to inform you personally, TheFarix.

    I understand that as a PGO trainer that the existence of a POI affects directly on the number of Pokestops and Gyms on your game, and it reflects rather differently from Ingress or HPWU.

    Whether a POI disrupts emergency services, has to be checked and reconfirmed by members of Niantic staff in accordance to evidence. By saying "The object is on a public sidewalk..." does not help in interfering other's judgement, and it is also your personal subjective point of view. What you say is not written on The Wayfarer Criteria Guidelines or any AMA Sessions. Please be responsible on what you say on the forum.

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    Niantic has already said before that they will only remove Wayspots at hospitals if the Wayspot would block emergency vehicles or blocks the entrance to the hospital. There have many requests before to remove Wayspots from hospital grounds (statues, murals, etc.) and Niantic has rejected them all except for those that block emergency vehicles or is unclear if it would interfere with locations such as the ICU or operating rooms.

    And I find it funny that you think I'm trying to keep a Pokestop at any costs. Most Pokemon Go players on these forums believe that I am the exact opposite because I'm often in the position arguing that something doesn't meet the eligibility criteria or that is invalid because it is on private residential property. But my comment about it being on the sidewalk is to show that the object can be reached without having to interfere with the hospital's operations. Whatever moral argument you make about "being respectful to people who are dyeing" are entirely your own opinion (and a rather morbid one at that). Why must you insist that people focus entirely on their mortality rather than enjoying a simple distraction?

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    Well okay. If that’s the case, then people should be running for a Pokemon Raid or playing battle beacon in a hospital premise, given that you don’t obstruct vehicles. Let’s rush into interior yards and reception lobby floors as a good place worth visiting for exploration, what a hidden gem.

    Let me remind you once more, it is already at the entrance of the hospital, the lanes to the left are for drivers dropping off.

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    Looking at the photos and Streetview, the POI is situated next to a vehicle free, pedestrian only walkway. I cannot see how something in this location would "obstruct emergency services".

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    If I were a sick child/staff, I don't mind to have a spot outside the hospital premise......

    And, base on the photo, the location fits the criteria of Niantics's wayspot, why not?

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    Hospital portals are ALLOWED as long as they do not block the driveway and emergency services.

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    Appeal Denied - Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We took another look at the Portal in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

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