Closes Wayfarer and check again yourself! -.-

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You shouldn't complain, then what, should you continue to accept that a group of Bad Reviewers & Scammers are taking advantage of the system here?

It is just a scam if you work out an upgrade and a proposal is rejected for completely inexplicable reasons.

Just here, rejected ...

Ignoring whether this submisson is worth a wayspot or not ...

The reasons ..... "Inappropriate activities are taking place!" (Great to have added this reason to Wayfarer). "No real location could be found on the map!" & "And it could not be checked that there is a footpath there!"

It is an apartment building, where should inappropriate activities take place? Where is NO footpath here?

We have street views in every street !!! Are you kidding me all over here?

If you compare the map and the satellite image you can "recognize" 2-3 other wayspots on the additional photo and verify the exact location.

This is not my first post of this kind, sports fields, public places - all that is rejected because nobody is checking properly.

I'm a PokéMon Go player myself, but it all started when Lv.38 players were given permission to review! But on the part of Niantics the clarification was still missing or not available at all. Rejecting a submisson with understandable reasons is ok, but NOT something that is currently happening at Wayfarer.

There is only frustration in the communities, no matter in which group, everywhere you only deal with fakes that you have to delete or try to prevent them from getting into the game at all and then good suggestions are rejected and the only answer you can get get is you should try again if you think so.

Because e.V. is in the name, I was refused a submission because of the URL

🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ How stupid is that? e.V is only called "registered association"! But people don't know ...

And what is being done? Nothing ! No change! No improvement! No compensation for the time invested in vain.

Conclusion you don't need Wayfarer in this form anymore. To work out something and, as in gambling, to hope that the proposal is presented to the right people so that it is checked well enough is completely unnecessary. Then do it yourself again or reduce the number of people who are allowed to have access to it.

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    again? just those rants?

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    I was one of the people who campaigned on the ingress forums for rejection reasons to be added to the rejection email during opr days, I'm beginning to wish we had never bothered to ask for it.

    Personally I think the best solution now is to go back to the old method of just saying your submission has been rejected and not adding rejection reasons.

    I agree with @Hosette-ING, and hopefully it will stop people moaning about rejection reasons when they should actually be taking a long look at their sub par submissions

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    I like the reject reasons on the emails still. Before we had them I has tons of well-crafted eligible wayspots nominations rejected. When they were added to emails, after a flurry of rejections with just batnently wrong rejection reasons, I started getting more approvals for those same nominations combined with rejections reasons that let me recraft my nominations in a way that addressed the issues in the initial rejection. If I didn't have those (often miss-used) reject reasons, I woudln't know what to address when I resubmit it.

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    NO IDEA where you're from, but here we discuss our submisson. And I don't have to worry about my submissons, they are all researched, secured with street view, and if necessary with links to the respective places or institutions so that you need less than one click to check. No idea why one presumes here to judge bad submissons? What is supposed to be so below average? Or what exactly is it legal to reject a "registered association" = e.V. as an internet address !? I'm curious about the explanation.

    In addition, I have not only been submitting wayspots since yesterday, but since OPR, which means, no matter what I propose, is also well considered.

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    Why ? Why should you change it back again? It clearly shows the problem that reviewers cannot rate well because they either have "no idea" or are acting out of pure selfishness just to get their own points quickly! This is where Niantic has to intervene. The system needs a complete restart. And here people should be restricted who are not in the area of ​​"excellent". To reject a sports club that has a registered association in its name because it should be a website, even though it is called a "registered club" is stupid. To reject a sports field and a dojo because they should be "private" or not have a footpath is stupid. To reject an object / picture on a building wall (clearly visible, NOT a family house) because the place has no footpath and because there is "inappropriate activity" there is stupid. To reject a fountain in a foodcort or mall because it is private is stupid. And there are 1000 other examples not only from me but others from other groups who have the same problem!

    The last time we had a discussion in a Telegram group, where someone wanted to reject a bouldering hall that a group member had submitted, just because he said, "You can't get it 24 hours a day!" and although everyone showed him the criteria, he did not want to change his mind.

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    If my sports club is rejected the first time because it supposedly has no footpath, and the second time it is rejected because it is supposed to be private and the third time it is rejected because of a URL, although there is no URL in the entire submisson , then learning from "mistakes" that do not exist is of no use either.

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    @BochumJules-PGO 's appeal is not relevant to quality of the submission. He asked for the "reasons for rejection" to be clear and accurate. This is fair.

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    because it's a clear cut proof that people don't review properly. If they don't like a submission they just randomly select a reason to justify their decision. You want to discuss the quality of his submission? Fine. But you also have to admit that half the reasons for his rejection are just made up.

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    Has anyone in this discussion considered the possibility that the problem might be in the way that Niantic generates the rejection email rather than in what the reviewers are doing?

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    Some rejection reasons like location ineligible and bad photo do give good feedback to the submitter but of course thats granted that reviewers are aligned in the rejection reason. Niantic would be better to just return the most commonly selected rejection reason instead of trying to include three.

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    It's not because of the email you get, but that the reasons are simply thrown together. E.g. bad photo, is then always out of focus + dark + out of the car at the same time. When selecting the rejection, it must be possible to differentiate which type of bad photo it is and not all of the above. Nevertheless, NOTHING changes the fact that reviewers are not in the mood and take the path of the least resistance, because rejecting it is easier to get points than to check thoroughly. I had already noted in a post that rejecting it has to be just as much of an effort as accepting it. No matter how bad the submission is, the quality of the evaluators would also increase, because those who had already checked well and thoroughly would continue to do so and those who were not in the mood before would finally give up. But something has to change for that. And a "If they agree ... try again!" ...

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    and you also have to admit people ignore the fact that they have a “does not meet criteria” rejection reason but yet make a big deal over others when there submission is rejected 😂

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    This system is a real problem, i have 1 submission retried for about 6 times so far.

    Which is a sculptur on a sculptur path (probably one of the biggest in the whole region/country and artists from everywhere in europe) across the city, a 100% must have been approved submission. I even have added the sign which has all sculpturs listed in additional information section as url and added the number ( Not a single person has opened the image (views count 1) or read the additional information so far after 8 submissions. Its a shame how hard it is to getting those sculpturs through. So many of those 100% must have been approved submissions i had to retry tons of time and a few still missing.

    After a half year pause i started again to retry and already got complete nonsense reason for denial. "Inappropriate activities take place" for number 26. What the f* hell ??? Thats seriously the biggest nonsense i ever came accross. Edit: Oh there is another reason "a natural monument (waterfall, mountain, lake) not created by humans" - wow big joke for a cement block with writing in it.

    Lets see what reason i will get for the submission which got denied 8 times.

    So many good spots i could add but because of this garbage system i will lose pleasure pretty soon again. Its not i get paid for running around and doing niantics work (34 accepted so far).

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    I have something similar, not quite as big as yours, but with information signs in a mall. These are made of metal and anchored to the ground with a chain. The mal is one of the largest in the country and the shape is based on the mascot of the mall. For this purpose I uploaded a 3 min. Youtube video (since nobody looks at the photos via Google), so that one can hear that they are not only temporarily in this place. I added this to the additional information, you can surely imagine that this information was not viewed by 5 reviewers.

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