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Is the 24 hours cool down the new 4 hours or is it a different one?

I had a couple of 1* nomination to review and got a 24 hours cool down message. Any clue how I could avoid this situation in the future. When the nomination is clearly a 1*, there is no need to read it for 30 seconds...

(My status is set to 'Super')

Delay are so long to get answer for nomination (it's 9 month to a year in my area wihtout upgrade) if motivated people receive cool down every now and then, it does not help.



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    Hi Philo,

    Niantic's system detects fast review with similar pattern which gets cut down by giving a cooldown. Try to slow down your review speed and frequency and it should work. And you can still get 4h cooldown it's not been changed to 24h. But if you get a cooldown back to back then it gets in progression each time eg. 4 to 8 to 12 and so on.

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    I have not seen the cooldown period progress from 4 to 8 to 12 etc. I am aware of 3 different cooldown lengths, 4 hours which is usually the result of reviewing too fast, 24 hours which is usually the result of getting distracted and letting too many reviews expire, and the 4 day “cooldown” that some people speculate is from too many of the same type of reviews.

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    Thanks. Vert useful, I was not aware of this 'expiration' impact. I'll pay attention.

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