Niantic deleting comments 🤦‍♂️

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So niantic is now deleting comments that highlight the pitfalls of their system.

So it looks like niantic isnt here to address issues around wayfarer and just delete comments that ask if we all stopped reviewing for free for them how long would it be before they actually start fixing things and stop taking advantage of users.

At least they have read it.


  • Dazzz123456-PGODazzz123456-PGO Posts: 301 ✭✭✭

    So I will ask again as niantic clearly dont want anyone seeing my last message as it was completely erased from the system and all comments was deleted.

    If we all stop reviewing will niantic fix any of the problems? They will have to spend alot of money on staff as they wont be taking advantage of their customers. (yes you are customers as you pay to play)

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    Niantic deleted a bunch of comments that was coming from an obvious troll who was doing nothing but inciting arguments and insulting other forum members. Your post wasn't helping matters with that troll, which is probably why Niantic removed it as well.

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    Also, theres a max capacy of the Forum so there needs some comment to be removed.

  • Dazzz123456-PGODazzz123456-PGO Posts: 301 ✭✭✭

    Lol very convenient for niantic to want any talk of them actually respecting their customers being stamped out before everyone wakes up and realising we have done alot of work for niantic with no benefit to us other than to line their pockets.

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    What does this post help with anything? Are you suggesting a solution or your just ranting

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    It's a solution. Let niantic deal with the problems we deal with on a day to day with vague information about what Is acceptable. Then they may actually fix the system.

    The work we do for free for them affects there income. If it starts to affect them directly they may actually treat their customers with a bit more respect.

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    I wouldn’t say they don’t treat people with respect. I do believe that the majority of people believe things should be done quickly, but with large corporations like Niantic there would be a lot of things they would have to do meetings approvals n such. Theres probably more going on that you dont see that you aren’t giving them credit for

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    I'm guessing that you are reasonably new to all this reviewing but I've been doing it well before it was wayfarer and it was much much faster than it is now.

    I genuinely dont believe they are doing anything behind the scenes. Why would you have something that was fast and fairly well reviewed by ingress players and slow it down to the point you have to review to earn upgrades and even then its extremely slow. If they wasn't taking advantage of reviewers and nominates it would still be as fast as it was way back when.

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    I reckon if they did it themselves now they would appreciate how much unpaid time people spend on their games in the hope of getting something approved. What took a week in opr is now taking 5+ months and 2 are still in the queue. I'm saving a tone of money as I'm not spending on ingress or pogo anymore. And niantic is losing out on not just my money but everyone's who lives in rural areas.

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    Test to see whether my posts are being auto-moderated, I also feel many of my comments are posted are being deleted too.

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    i started nominating and reviewing at about march 2020 so not as long as yourself. But in life not everything is quick. I have noticed it does take considerably longer to get nominations through ever since they lowered the level requirement in pokemon go. Wether or not it is related to the slowdown. But i have a hard time believing its a coincidence.

  • AgentX1976-INGAgentX1976-ING Posts: 519 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes it's taking longer, way too long if you ask me. My thought as to what happened is when they opened it up to Pogo for reviewing they had a large influx of reviewers this was the last time my queue was almost eliminated. I think with how fast some things were going through Niantic changed the algorithm to require more votes before they were decided on. Then almost immediately the newness wore off and those new reviewers quit. Now it's probably back to the same ammont of reviwers as before but the algorithm hasn't been changed back. Now we are waiting forever for them to get decided on.

    15 months now are how old some of my submissions are. 173 of them at last count.

    Some areas are saying it's only taking a few weeks to a few months but I would bet those are very large areas with massive player bases.

    I wish we could get some answers on this and hear what is being done to address it. @NianticCasey-ING am I thinking the problem is correct or am I barking up the wrong tree as to why the backlog is getting older?

    Heck I have seen 2 old school submissions recently (no supporting info or supporting photo) so there is stuff older than mine out there.

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    I wouldn't say it's back to the amount of reviewers it was because niantic messed alot accounts up by putting people into the red so even old reviewers just gave up. Theres no way I'm putting any more subs in for niantic to profit from what I'm doing I've had nominations in since the beginning of December most are in the queue still only the oldest 2 have gone into verification.

    I'm not going to spend what could be a year adding new portals for them to profit and have to spend my time earning upgrades that could still get rejected because people dont stay updated on criteria or just dont accept new criteria. As I say what is taken me a week max in opr is now taken 5/6 months wheres my incentive to review?

    I'm not going to add more if they get rejected because I just dont care enough anymore to wait another x amount of months. If they made it fast like how it was before I'd be all over it again. And that's why they are taking advantage because they know there is a problem but they don't fix it. They do it in all their apps. Prime example battle league has a fair few faults they are fully aware of but only give you a refund if you ask and provide video evidence. If it happens again that day and you waist another premium pass they will not refund it. That's poor customer service and other games don't question it.

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    After today I may take a break from the forum myself. I wish things could be the way that everyone wants them to be & the way that they should be but something is obviously flawed in the system; at least right now. Take care everybody. Thank you all for all of your hard work

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    Yeah its definitely not worth reviewing until they start respecting people that make them their millions.

  • Dazzz123456-PGODazzz123456-PGO Posts: 301 ✭✭✭

    Just a comment to keep this falling of the page and no excuse for niantic not to see it

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