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Nomination frozen, cant delete

RockepeIIe-PGORockepeIIe-PGO Posts: 2 ✭✭

Several months ago i created a pokestop in the neighbourhood i live.

the problem now is that others ive created is in que and i cant withdraw the first one, just making me unable to create anything. Its annoying since there is possibilities for more pokestops in my proximity but no. Wayfarer is refusing me to be able to do anything.

Apparently its been 6 months, not rejected not accepted

how do i fix this?

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  • ArabellaArdelia-PGOArabellaArdelia-PGO Posts: 50 ✭✭✭

    Did you by any chance set this nomination to be "upgrade next"? Because if that's the case, you can't withdraw it until you actually earn an upgrade (at which point, why bother withdrawing when you can just wait a couple hours and have it resolved).

    I'm also curious about why you say this nomination makes you unable to create anything - afaik we don't have any evidence that the system works like that, and for anyone who comes back with "but density rules" i would let you know I've double-submitted something and had both instances in voting, so yes there are density rules but it's NOT one thing per size X cell.

  • That's a bummer, @RockepeIIe-PGO! Concurring with @ArabellaArdelia-PGO, a nomination that is 'in queue' can be withdrawn given the fact it wasn't set to 'Upgrade next'.

    Just to let to know, Upgraded Wayspot nominations will go through the same review process as regular nominations, the only difference is that Upgraded nominations are processed in a more timely manner.

    Having said that, we wouldn't be able to give you a definite time frame as to when it might enter voting. A few factors like the backlog of submissions and the number of active reviewers can come into play here. Your patience is appreciated.

  • gabrimen-PGOgabrimen-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Hello, i'm in the same situation from July 2020 with a pokestop in Upgrade next, i have reviewed severla pokestops but in the profile my advance never increases (its in 76% and i understand this increases after evaluating but never does), i tried everything and it just never gets approved or rejected so all other nominations are in queue, how can i delete it so the others can activate for revision?

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