Valid portals are going to "too close" in areas with no portals at all.

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I guess, the reason is recently added PG objects. Now there is several problems for any active submitter (like me).

First problem: some of old nominations are too close to recently added invisible ones [for Ingress players].

So, rural location has no portals even after approving nominations from Ingress players.

Second problem: Ingress players have no ability to check if there is an invisible nomination without opening heavy PG/HPWU applications.

Now I should install on of them and check every location before submission at other heavy application. If I don't, the nomination may be wasted due to some recently added brothel at that location.

Third problem: remote submissions

I have dozens photos of great objects that I planned to submit in the future (nominations are really limited). Usually I send them for review while visiting some local place later (fortunately, from Ingress it is possible to do this from a distance of up to 25 km, and I don't have to go back to the exact location again). Now I have no way to check if there is something in the remote location, and have a risk to waste time and nomination.

Why I even care about submissions?

After opening submissions, I've send more than thousand nominations, and I really like to improve the portal network: each added portal pleases me no less than the successful operation of my faction. If the nomination is accepted, but too close, it is very disappointing, especially due to invisible ones (that's why I wrote that post).


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    The scenario you describe happens all the time for Pokemon Go players, since there are tons of portals in Ingress that aren't in PoGo due to the 1 per cell rule in PoGo. I think having multiple apps is your best solution right now. I started nominating more in PoGo and couldn't figure out why some of my nominations were getting marked as duplicate when there was clearly no Pokestop there, so I recently started playing Ingress. It's been really eye opening, albeit a bit of a pain. You could always just do a quick check when at the location and still do your actual nominating from home later.

    I'm jealous that Ingress allows so many more nominations and remote submitting. Oh, and that the game actually tells you how far you are from an existing portal so you can tell if you are 20m away, because I suck at eyeballing distance. PoGo lacks all those. I'm working on getting to level 10 so I can submit from Ingress.

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    "Why I even care about submissions?".

    Now that is the right question. Why even care after they ruined everything with the flood of junk portals?

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