where to put the waystop on the playground

A question for Ingress players, for others it shouldn't be such sensitive: what do you think about where to put the waystop on the playground (training area, etc)? at the center or on the border, or a few steps away? i just have got accepted my portal, i placed my waystop a few steps away, but the portal appeared 5m from my place, in the center of the playground. my reason is - to not disturb the children, and do not anger their distrustful moms, especially if the agent is a suspicious male, god knows what he does with the phone in the center of the playground alone, mb trying to harm their babies. perhaps, during the voting someone diligent clarified the location, or mb it is the inaccuracy of maps. anw, the current location now is on the displaced place, in the center of the playground. so, are there any placement ethics agreements, should i write my arguments in the supporting statement? any other suggestions?


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    I'm not Ingress player, but I think location made at the entrance of the playground would be the best. I also don't like when POI is placed in the middle of playground, for PoGo players it also can be problem too - we don't like to seems suspicious for parents and they children either ;) In some cases we also need to get close to POI and when it's in the middle of playground it's definetly not good.

    But there is another problem - many reviewers think that POI need to be exactly in the middle of nomination, no matter if it's playground, church, soccer field or museum. And these reviewers change your nomination location to the middle - if many of reviewers do it, your nomination will be moved to the middle, I had it happen with one playground and one soccer field (soccer field location is fixed now, playground stay as it is for now).

    I'm not sure that writing about not moving your choosen location is a good idea either, as some reviewers will listen and some will do exactly the opposite and move it just because you mentioned it. I think the best would be just mentioning something like "location choosen to make POI more available for players and to not dusturb people who use POI" - I use something like that for sports field nominations, it works most of the time.

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    A place where you can reach it without looking strange when you try to use an ultra strike (for those who don't know what that is: It's a weapon only working when you are almost exactly on the POI's location) to attack a POI. I normally put the pin on the sign (which is normally on the edge of the play area) or on the entrance. However, some (stupid) reviewers often put the pin in the middle of the playground, so it gets into a 20m radius of a different POI or switches s2 cells. My reviewers are quite annoying, sadly.

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    If theres a sign for the park area i generally will put it on the border of the actual playground area or depending on cells you have a little playroom with the playground itself since its a large square. You can usually make the sign a poi itself

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     Instead of placing the Wayspot in the center of an open field, park, or other area, place it at the entrance or where there is a visible sign or placemarker. That encourages you to approach the area to visit the Wayspot, without having to enter or interfere with the activities within.

    source: https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/criteria#guidelines

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    I'm primarily an Ingress player and I have double onyx Purifier but barely onyx Builder. In other words, I'm an extremely heavy smasher. It's extremely rare for me to want to get to the center of a portal to ultrastrike, and I essentially never need to.

    A couple of months ago I did a survey of playgrounds in the San Francisco bay area. What I learned is that nearly every playground I found was small, 10-15 meters in diameter, or a 5-7.5 meter radius. For those playgrounds, if you put the pin in the center then you wind up with 5m of the interaction circle being inside the playground and 35m of it being outside. I managed to find one or two playgrounds that were quite large, but I had to go hunting for them.

    For a playground 10m in diameter, 98.5% of the 40m action circle is outside of the playground itself.

    For a playground 15m in diameter, 96.5% of the 40m action circle is out of the playground itself.

    For a playground 20m in diameter, 93.8% of the 40m action circle is outside of the playground itself.

    My conclusion: Except for very large playgrounds the location of the pin is irrelevant, since there is more than ample room to access a wayspot from outside the playground. A lot of people are absolutely adamant that the pin has to be on the edge of a playground, but real world analysis and examples don't support that. As for ultrastrikes, a L8 US has a radius of 20m.

    I've uploaded an image that has three concentric circles-- one representing a 10m playground, one representing a 20m playground (which is fairly large as playgrounds go), and one showing the 40m action circle. When you look at it imagine that the small purple circle would cover a typical neighborhood playground and the larger purple circle would cover a fairly big neighborhood playground.

    A pin that is a few steps away will usually be moved back onto the object itself.

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    For purely selfish reasons I like a playground to have the POI in the middle. That way whatever my kids play on I can always reach it to smash or hack.

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