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What theme park rides are allowed?

Hi, I live in a town with a theme park. There's various portals attached to rides at the theme park in my town. I've nominated various rides in the park. I've got some through, but a couple got declined.

The portals that got declined had these reasons:

  • nomination does not appear to permanent/ seasonal display
  • nomination does not meet acceptance criteria
  • real-world location of the nomination appears to represent a generic store or restaurant

I know that some of the rides in the park have been around nearly 2 decades, so they're definitely permanent. The ones I tried to add but were declined are: an orbiter ride, go-kart area and a kiddies flying carpet ride. The ones I had accepted were 2 roller coasters and a water ride.

Can this be added to the next Niantic Wayfarer Clarifications list?



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