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PokemonGO Nicknames not showing on pokestops and pictures

Xerye90-PGOXerye90-PGO Posts: 8 ✭✭


Photos that got added during the ~last 3 months are not showing who actually submited the photo. Means PokemonGO does not show the trainers nickname anymore (example-pictures attatched).

Will the trainernicknames retroactively get visible again when this bug gets fixed? Easily 200+ photos of me got added to pokestops during the last three months, all not showing my ingame nickname, it would be alot work visiting all those pokestops again to take new pictures.

And yes, my wayfarer-settings are correct, so my nickname should be displayed on photos, just incase someone asks.

This bug does not only affect me, also every friend I asked, that recently added photos to pokestops, does not have his nickname displayed, also I have read it a few times in the wayfarer discussions that it affects many people.

Thanks for reading and greetings!

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