You ruined Wayfarer in Turkey

Niantic, you ruined wayfarer in Turkey! You created illegal pokestops ( apartment, flat, barber, tailor, groceries, gas station, repair and many places that don't meet any criteria). And those people that live that are constatly add photos those illegal pokestops. And whenever I want to review, I can only see those photo edit requests instead of new and legal pokestop requests. That doesn't increase my aggrements tho! Today I reviewed 200 submission and only 6 of them new pokestop request. By adding new ILLEGAL pokestops, you punished legal legit players.

Now how can I get upgrades to add newpokestops to my community that play legit? It takes 6 months to 1 year before this new pokestops added. Now million of illegal/fake stops added in my country's rural areas. So basically I can't use wayfarer anymore? Please do something about TURKEY.


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