More frequent Bonus Location changing

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Hello, I want many people to read my post.

Now, we can change bonus location once a year. But it is very inconvenient.

There are still many cities that have no or few pokestops or gyms around the world. (especially in Africa)

In these areas, it is hard to start or continue playing pokemon go.

Sometimes, some players overcome difficulty and reach Lv38 enough to submit nominations.

But they confront next difficulty, that is, Lack of reviewers.

Even if they submit nominations around them, there aren't enough reviewers and it takes many months(sometimes more than a year)

So they have to ask world reviewers to set Bonus Location to their towns. But once they change Bonus Location, they cannot change it for a year, so they tend to select Bonus Location really carefully. And in many cases, reviewers won't be satisfied with nominations from few submitters(wanna review more!)

From these reasons, the areas that have few pokestops have great difficulty getting pokestops and enjoy playing the game. (Actually, I know some players in Africa, had no choise but to quit the game due to lack of pokestops and reviewers)

More frequent changing bonus location surely brings many benefits. Reviewers can enjoy virtual touring more, and their activities leads to activate pokemon go communities around the world that didn't have enough pokestops and reviewers.

I want my suggestion to reach Niantic. I'm sure that this is good in many points.

Thank you for reading! (Sorry for my bad English)


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    Your English is perfectly clear.

    I agree and I have been suggesting this for a long time. I would like it if reviewers could earn an "elite reviewer" status. Qualifications for this might be something like having more than 2000 agreements, reviewing for at least one year, and maintaining a Great rating for the past three months. If someone qualified for elite status they could agree to help underserved areas and then be allowed to change their bonus location every month or two.

    Virtual tourism is my very favorite thing about reviewing and I wish I could do more of it. I already have my local play area, home location, and bonus location on three different continents.

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    Thank you for replying!

    Have you got any replies from Niantic about your suggestion?

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