Fake Reutershof

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Title of the Wayspot: Infotafel abgestrobene Bäume als Lebensraum

Location: 53.692693,13.286728

City: Reutershof

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: In the neighboring town of Altentreptow you unfortunately have to fight with some players who do not play fair. Including the account that submitted this stop. It is someone who operates multi-accounting with at least 4 accounts and also does spoofing. I have already deleted different fake stops in front of his house at least 5 times and was able to find out in the past few days that he not only submitted fakes in front of his house, but also everywhere in the area, only with the intention of creating Gyms. Like in this example. As can be seen in my evidence photos, there is no Information board there. But what serves much more as proof: Enlarge the photo of the wayspot and pay attention to the background!


There is a pond there ... but there is definitely no pond there by the roadside. I ask for the deletion of the fake - for the degradation of the Gym that has arisen (53.692125,13.286366) and for the punishment of the person who abuses the system in such a way.

The same information board can be found at coordinates "53.650275,13.229883" - and there is also a pond there. I suspect the photo is from there. At least the board really does exist there - even if the location is not 100% correct.


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