On the topic of cemeteries

Forgive me if this is a better topic for Criteria Clarifications but this isn't sitting well with me.

I was reviewing this afternoon and came across a nomination that's supporting information said "do it for the memes" Here's where the nomination was from, https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=36.596637,-121.886495&z=18 The nomination was a tombstone.

Looking at the duplicate check map I noticed there were a bunch of portals here. Some of the stones were from as recent as 2006. I googled a few of them and realized theses were just ordinary people. I feel disgusted. Am I overreacting? Did I miss something in the November criteria refresh that makes this ok?



  • Babarushki-PGOBabarushki-PGO Posts: 178 ✭✭✭

    @Ribcage-ING I agree with you. Your judgment is what nominations call for, and you recognize that these tombstones or graves are not those of “historically significant” people in the community. The person memorialized must be historically or culturally significant to the community or beyond. I would have also not recommended them.

    Whenever I provide this reasoning for a rejected grave marker, I too feel a twinge of “well, this person WAS important to somebody.” However, we are looking at the marker through the Niantic lens of historical/cultural significance. Not many graves represent that.

    There are so many wayspots that were accepted previously, that would not be approved today given current criteria. It would be sweet if nominators read current criteria and applied them, but alas. . . . Too often we see errors like the one you pointed out here, which we are obligated to reject based on criteria as well as our judgment.

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    Those Wayspots may be old and were added before Niantic started changing the criteria to discourage new Wayspots in cemeteries. The criteria change was the result of many Pokemon GO players making a general nuisance of themselves rather than playing in a dignified and respectful manner while at these locations, thus leaving a negative impression of all players of AR games. As for what can be eligible in a cemetery, I would stick to just the large and significant monuments and memorials. Individual gravestones, statues, and small monuments are rejected for inappropriate location. In short, if it is something I think a visitor to the area would go just to see, then I am inclined to approve it.

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