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I would ask someone from the administration to point out that in rural areas there is much less possibility of submitting high value nominations. is it possible for the guidelines for small towns and villages to be less stringent? I believe the average quality point is better than the false point.


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    if the city or village is in level 11 or 12 s2 cells, I mean this type of amenity, it would be possible to indicate during the nomination that it is a rural area or a small town or town and that the restrictions would be less. in my opinion this will be the solution to the problem.

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    Do you have an idea of things you would like the criteria changed on for rural areas to make them eligible? If so, what are they?

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    The main problem I've encountered in rural areas is that smaller settlements are almost completely made of single-family residences and farmland. And PRP is one of the core rejection reasons Niantic will not change.

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    Even in a small UK village, you can usually find a Church, possibly a Post Office, a Village / church hall / a parish council noticeboard and a war memorial and perhaps a playing fields or or play ground.

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    Way back in the mists of time the guidance was that submissions should be judged more leniently in low density areas. However that only ever applied to very specific types of submissions (such as fire departments and highway rest areas) and is now totally irrelevant since all that guidance was rescinded ages ago, even before the latest criteria refresh.

    So you're essentially stuck with the sort of thing sogNinjaman-ING has suggested, plus maybe a trail marker if you're lucky. The only problem is that in a small village, those things are very often clustered together so not all of them will go live. But sadly that's just the way the system is designed.

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    a colleague previously explained everything to me. it is mainly about the evaluators in Poland because it is a parody. the same point can be accepted but someone will move it too close to another point and it is no longer in the PGO or ingress. the next time he does not pass because he does not meet the criteria. circus. In short, you have to report new points and count on good luck and normal evaluators

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