Order declined for the wrong reasons

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[Translator] My order was declined based on the following allegations: The indication does not meet the acceptance criteria, The photo appears to contain an identifiable face, There is insufficient evidence that the indication accurately reflects the actual location sent, based on a comparison of the photo submitted and the map views. -The image is an art for a barber shop, it is not a face of a real person. -It is the same place, it is sharpened by the support photo. I gave precisely all the details where the art was. -It's according to the rules.



Title: Galã de Novela

Description: Grafite para uma barbearia local.

Supporting text: Olá avaliadores, este grafite está presente no local. A foto de apoio ajudará a identificar que se trata da mesma rua. O Maps não está atualizado, mas ele corresponde a casa de cor azul. Obrigado pela atenção! (Portuguese)

Translate: Hello evaluators, this graffiti is present on the site. The supporting photo will help to identify that it is the same street. Maps is not up to date, but it matches the blue colored house. Thanks for listening!

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