A case of falsely applying for a former nursery as a park(K12)

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The applicant is proposing to turn what was originally a nursery school into a POI by passing it off as a park. A search on this address shows that it used to be a nursery school. The street view clearly shows that it used to be a nursery school. It is not a park at all.

A page showing the former Shirasaki Nursery School. The address is an exact match.

The street view shows that it is a former nursery school. You can see that it has playground equipment but is not a park.


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    Correct me if I’m wrong. But you say it is not a nursery school anymore? I see a playground in the picture. If this is no longer a nursery school then the k-12 rejection would not apply and the playground would be eligible. Some people just call playgrounds a “park”. Id pass it since playgrounds are inherently eligible

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    To add to my comment the only thing calling this a park would do is in the future if there was to be a sign it would cause a few edits for names since the sign would be for the park and the playground would be eligible on its own

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