An Update on Bugs Introduced by Infrastructure Work

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As we announced in March’s roadmap update, last week saw the Wayfarer engineering team perform some backend infrastructure updates that, unfortunately, resulted in a degraded experience for both nominators and reviewers. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration that this caused and wanted to provide some insight into the goal of these updates, the current state of these issues, and what we’re doing to make it right.


Part of the infrastructure work focused on adjusting the logic behind queuing to make it less likely that older nominations or edits sit unreviewed. You may already be seeing this change in your queues as older submissions surface for review.

There also are some minor frontend updates included in this work that, while they shouldn’t have significant impact on your user experience, may impact any third party plugins.


As you know, this work unfortunately resulted in a number of issues to be introduced in Wayfarer. While many of these issues have already been addressed, we are still working on resolving a few persistent issues.

Here is the current state of these issues, please note that the real-time status will be provided on this Known Issues thread:

  • Missing supporting info text in nominations: Fixed May 19
  • Previously accepted and rejected nominations being recirculated into the reviews: Fixed May 20; If duplicate nominations are still appearing, they can either be rejected or skipped. 
  • Duplicated rejections’ status listed as ‘unaccepted’: Fixed May 21
  • Upgrades incorrectly applied to already decided nominations: Upgrades always automatically apply to nominations, but addressing the previously reviewed nominations resolved this issue.
  • Old edits being circulated into the review queue: Working as intended, this was the intended result of the Infrastructure change, for long-pending nominations to be queued.
  • Title and Description edits not saving: Fixed May 26


In addition to resolving the immediate issues, we will also be making some changes to make up for the inconvenience and frustration caused. 

  1. Firstly, any nomination that was rejected between May 19 - May 24 will be re-evaluated by Niantic, in case the rejection was incorrect and the result of the impact of a bug. Additionally, any location edits submitted prior to the implementation of the 25m limit last summer will be removed from the queue for Niantic review. 
  2. We will be reimbursing Upgrades for those that have been incorrectly applied to previously decided or duplicate nominations. Additionally, we’ll be permanently increasing the max Upgrade limit from 10 to 1,000.
  3. Finally, any users who saw a decrease in their rating to Poor between May 19 - May 24 will be bumped up to Fair.

Looking ahead to June, another regional review challenge is coming your way, more details are coming soon! Additionally, we’re excited to be able to provide you with a detailed roadmap at the end of the month. 

Thanks again for your patience, understanding and ongoing passion for Wayfarer and we’re sorry that this backend work had such a negative impact on your experience. We will be re-evaluating our process to avoid similar situations in the future.

-The Wayfarer Team

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