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    Additionally, we’ll be permanently increasing the max Upgrade limit from 10 to 1,000.

    A thousand upgrades to hold seems really nice. There’s times where I have nothing in the queue and have gone past ten easily, but not been able to earn more.

    It is also nice to see some older stuff will he reviewed. I know there’s several reviewers who have had either edits or nominations in the queue for years.

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    Yeah, I'm really curious about the rejections being re-evaluated by Niantic. Does that mean they're manually reviewing? Do we have to file an appeal in the forums here? How do I know if they're looking at my nominations? I had two rejections during this time span, so I'd be interested in following up on that.

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    Firstly, any nomination that was rejected between May 19 - May 24 will be re-evaluated by Niantic, in case the rejection was incorrect and the result of the impact of a bug. Additionally, any location edits submitted prior to the implementation of the 25m limit last summer will be removed from the queue for Niantic review. 

    I hope this will open up Niantic's eyes to the amount of trash that is submitted. How many reviews until they get sick of it? :P

    Old edits being circulated into the review queue

    Interesting. I had an edit from September 2018 finally reach a decision last night. I have no idea what the edit was for though haha

    What about limbo nominations? Can the same be done to give oldest nominations the priority in the queue?

    Additionally, we’ll be permanently increasing the max Upgrade limit from 10 to 1,000.

    That seems nice for people that get upgrades. Personally, I've never had more than 0 - thanks to actively submitting nominations and currently having a queue of 100 submissions and counting lol I suppose it's a nice quality of life improvement with no real effort required from Niantic's part (add two extra zeros to the value).

    Would be cool if people could donate their upgrades to other Wayfarers, then we might see more things actually being processed in the system - or at least the collective upgrades can actually be used by the people who need them most.

    Additionally, we’re excited to be able to provide you with a detailed roadmap at the end of the month.

    This is good, thank you for actually being progressive and transparent about what is happening.

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    I Salute the Change to clear Out older Submissions and edits! Have Not noticed anything AS my subs are 12-13 months.

    niantic should have given people an incentive to Review right now, But WE only gotten lukewarm information.

    People are Just Driven away because of niantics shenenigans

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    Only reviewing the things that have been rejected in that period is a bit inconsequential. Everything that has been in voting within that period may have been negatively impacted even if it's still in voting. Would be a bit inhumane to have Niantic review all that garbage though :D

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    hmm, 1.000 upgrades to stock, will they apply them retro-actively ?

    easy math: (agreements / 100) - upgrades used - available upgrades

    I'd be getting 38 extra upgrades :-)

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    What about limbo nominations? Can the same be done to give oldest nominations the priority in the queue?

    It does seem that they did some work to prioritize the oldest nominations:

    "Part of the infrastructure work focused on adjusting the logic behind queuing to make it less likely that older nominations or edits sit unreviewed."

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    I got one of my nomination rejected in that time (and I didn't get rejection mail for it so I don't even know what reason it got for rejection), so I'm curious if it will be reviewed by Niantic and if I at least get mail with response for it :D

    But as DerWelfe2205-PGO wrote, there were also nominations that were in voting at that time that will be impacted and might be wrongly rejected soon because of this issue too. I had 3 nominations that were in voting at tha time and still are in voting. But I think my nominations might not be affected that much as they weren't upgraded and I think probably only 1 person got them, but there might be some people that get they nominations wrongly rejected because of that.

    But I'm happy that older nominations will get prority now! It's sad to hear that people have nominations from 2018 or older still in queue, when others get they nomination reviewed in a week since nominating it. I hope thanks to these changes there won't be any old nominations still waiting for any response soon :)g it.

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    They should only being looking at the upgraded nominations rejected during that time. I don't think they have the resources to look at all of them and I think those who actually put effort it should get the support.

    I don't know about everyone else but only about 1/4 to 1/3 of the nominations I had in queue/voting really need supporting statements. The planned ones for this weekend will all need them. The one I had rejected during that time frame was borderline and did not need the support statement for determination purposes.

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    well, actually infra upgrade and code change are different things. and i believe, that infra upgrade have resulted more abilities to query pool, which is in other words more nominations in voting momentary. but the code is changed, we saw it. then i could review more in some first afterupgrade days, and now very low again. now i see that the pool either was opened on weekend, and reduced on monday, or the pool ir full again. i think there are more such fans in neighbor areas, and if they change 3x3 to 6x6 to new - things would go faster. also the welldone cooldown would be reduced. as for me - the max appropriate time is 20h. i'd review, touch the bottom, and go relaxed till the next day.

    also, i'd place a feature - if the submit is rejected - the same location submit (lets say 50m radius) could go to the vote after (let say) 2 month. only upgraded one could go faster. as i see now - the submits from my city (higher density) are waiting almost 1 year, and some kids from a periphery (lower density) with the graffiti on the k12 area, or one guy from 2 houses village tries to get the home portal with the fake nominations 2rd time again in 1 month (or may be they are reviewers and have upgrades? seems to be not, as for their knowledge of eligibility).

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    I have a big question concerning the point with the rereviewed nominations between May 19th and 24th:

    What have you done to ensure, that only this timeframe is effected? Does it mean, that all votes, that have been done in that timeframe, have been cancelled, so that ongoing nominations aren't effected by whatever the bug is/was?

    My point is, that I have lots of nominations in voting, that are older than a year or at least lots of months ..... how is ensured, that votes, that may have happened during that timeframe dont have an negative impact even after May 24th?

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    I'm in the same boat as @oscarc1-ING - I'd love to stack upgrades, but as an active submitter (especially now, when my part of the world has more hours of daylight) I always have zero in stock, one applied as "Upgrade Next". With the reviewer pool as it is, it takes a lot of effort to earn that next upgrade. It would be nice if they changed the requirement from 100 to 50 agreements, or focused more effort on reviewer recruitment and retention.

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    The additional upgrade storage is good news for me - I don't have much left in my area to submit but would like to keep reviewing.

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    @WayfarerOfficial I had a few of my invoting nominations from 7 years ago just go missing. Not denied, withdrawn or approved. Just not there anymore. Can we get to use more then one upgrade at a time please? Still have one stuck going on 3 years.

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    As preparation for new Wayfarer initiatives focused on growing Wayspots in India, the Niantic team has been hard at work manually reviewing nominations in India to fast-track the addition of locations in this area. As we review them, please note that they will temporarily disappear from your nominations queue. But don’t worry! Your nominations are safe and you should receive an email notification once a decision has been reached.  

    Just another reminder this would be an excellent "known issues" post, @NianticCasey-ING, also that you've said before the team would look at making it more visually intuitive.

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