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Problems with quality of new accepted POIs in (southern and eastern) Finland during past weeks

JItkonen-INGJItkonen-ING Posts: 20 ✭✭✭

Something really odd happened in the beginning of May in Finland. Many players had their nominations disappeared from their list. This problem itself has been solved since then and most of those disappeared ones have even been processed with extraordinary speed. This includes many good/great/excellent new POIs.

But this has caused some problems. POIs with super low quality and places that are explicitely stated in Niantic rules not meeting acceptance criteria have been accepted. These include many ordinary grocery stores, totally ordinary supermarkets, Burger Kings, POIs on the grounds of Kindergarten - 12 grade schools etc.

Experiences of players show that those never went through any normal Wayfarer voting process but were processed manually somehow, perhaps by Niantic staff. I understand that reviewing these correctly is almost impossible if you don’t know the language. 🤔

I would like to see that POI quality matches the actual criteria. That has been in a good shape here for many years already but that is clearly not case after past 3 weeks anymore.

What to do if you observe that POIs that don’t fulfill absolutely no acceptance criteria are accepted? There’s no such removal reason.

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