POI accepted November 2020, not in 20-meter-range of other POI – but still not in Ingress or Pokemon

This POI was accepted 29 November 2020 and is still not visible in Ingress or PokemonGo. I received a positive e-mail from Niantic. All my other accepted POI were visible almost instantly.

Title of the Wayspot: Brunnen Rossweid

Location: 47.383817, 8.599489

City: Dübendorf, Switzerland

There is a playground in the same area, but it is more than 20 meters away (47.384118, 8.599274) so I don't understand why this is not in the game.

Should I just resubmit? But as I will need an upgrade because I don't want to wait 2 years, I thought I should ask here first. Thank you!

Here are 2 screenshots from the playground and the fountain. Even if someone moved the marker, it should at least be visible in Ingress. But it’s not even there.


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