IDEA: Live-stream reviewing from a Niantic Staff

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Dear Niantic,

I would absolutely love to see one of your staff members live-stream with commentary your reviews. So much emphasis is placed on the general wayfinder and without any sort of role models, Wayfarer really feels like the wild wild west.

Seeing an example of a Niantic staff member doing reviews would help bridge the gap between "the higher-ups" and every other Wayfinder because there really truly seems to be a disconnect. That you're not in-tune with the community and that little broken system updates can be addressed "quickly" when there is a total underlying failure mechanism built within its foundation.

There, you'll be able to really feel and understand our pain points:

  • When you get the 4-day cooldown (still a thing!)
  • The endless amount of image captchas every four or so reviews
  • The obscene amount of trash that people are submitting
  • Seeing the abuse first-hand and going through your own reporting methods, and
  • Feeling and being treated like a robot

Wayfarer is very much mechanical. It's not personal, there is not much joy in the process and it just doesn't feel human at all. How many times do we have to prove that we're not a robot? Or that a four-day cooldown does not address exactly where in our review did we do wrong? Encompassing the entirety of Wayfarer, there is no real inspiration or community manager we look up to either and is mainly the charity of our hearts of getting more wayspots to play with.

For example, the games have staff members representing the games such as Liz George (Pokemon Go Global Community Manager), Brian Rose (Ingress Senior Producer), and then the games have a whole bunch of sitreps and popular personalities such as Brandon Tan, ZoëTwoDots, and a whole variance of other gameplay sites like FevGames, Bannergress and the fact that the two factions are so organised that there is a plethora of material for either.

There are a few external sites that show information about Wayfarer on various levels such as Percy's Wayspot Guidelines and even small articles from, but apart from that, that's it. Sure... Wayfarer is not a game and maybe the community is miniscule (like how many Wayfinders are on the forum in comparison to those who don't even know this exists?). But humanising or having a sort of Wayfarer community manager (Casey and Giffard seem to fill that role at the moment), and pressing through with the Wayfarer Community Advocates program floated two months ago would show more encouragement and motivation.

There is one official video about Niantic Wayfarer, which is the Reviewing Wayspots video which is informative and that people should really watch BEFORE reviewing (it gives a straight up perspective about how to vote for the Cultural Significance and Visually Unique categories). But given its just a voice-over with a couple of faces at the start (which I could assume are Niantic employees), I guess showing a more human side of Wayfarer would be great, which is why I wrote this post.

I think a Niantic staff member gave out their Telegram somewhere here. But yeah tl;dr, I'd like to see a more human side of Wayfarer, I know some people might be camera shy so maybe just a voiceover and commentary during a live-streamed review would be nice. Just something or someone to represent Wayfarer, and not just an AI or a name we go by. Or at least, show a human side.


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    For most of the stuff that comes past me you would see 2 seconds of on screen action as the submission is rejected, the comment "spam" and then 18 seconds of nothing while the clock ticked down before the next review was looked at. Can't have a livestreamed staff member get a Cooldown, can we.

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    I do think that th Niantic staff habe some kind of "extra rules", similar to the India reviews Niantic made where every nomination rejected by Niantic had "." as the rejection reason.

    They propably only see the nomination and click yes or no.

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    This has been requested in previous AMA.

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