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Taken Photo of a Stop not in Wayfarer to see

CaptainLCC-PGOCaptainLCC-PGO Posts: 2
edited July 2021 in Report a Bug

Good morning,

I can't see the taken pictures of my Pokestop in Wayfarer. On my Poco F2 Pro the PoGo App is crashing/closing while taking a picture. My old OnePlus 3 phone can take these pictures. But as seen in my propositions my newest post doesn't have a picture.

I'm sure my wayspot will be declined because of this again. The third upgrade I used for nothing. So what should I do now? Earn another upgrade to get another bug?

Where I live are no Stops and Level 38 was reached after more than 4 years. And now that I can finally report a stop, bugs deny me the fun of the game.

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