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Conflicting info when reviewing edits

JMcQueen81-PGOJMcQueen81-PGO Posts: 13 ✭✭

Hi, so this maybe isn't really a "bug", but more of a circular problem when reviewing edits and photos.

Can we have a date associated with the photos when we're asked to select photos which don't meet criteria? Often times murals are painted over, or replaced, and it would be nice to say "this photo doesn't apply anymore". Clearly it's the same building, but the painting on the same outside wall has changed. We have no indication which is the older photo.

If the edit comes from your own local area, you might know which is correct or not, but if I'm reviewing, I see edits from 600km away, and I don't know what's out of date. People don't always know to take a photosphere, and even if they do, they can't guarantee it's the primary view from street view. Further, there isn't even an option to use street view on photo edits, only title descriptions.

This lack of date-stamps might also cause confusion when reviewing title edits. If the wayfarer system doesn't actually prioritize in-game upvotes, or isn't live-updated, or the upvotes differ from Ingress and PokemonGo, the outdated title might still be selected. It would be nice to have all past submitted photos, with dates, were to be visible in the title edit screen.

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