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​Mistranslation of natural feature (review page)

holdsfrom-PGOholdsfrom-PGO Posts: 25 ✭✭

(Use translator)

Use for Nominations whose real-world location focuses on natural features at large. 

Photos that focus on the signboard of the natural feature, or include both the natural feature and the associated signboard are acceptable. (English)


自然の特徴を示す標識に焦点を当てた写真、または自然の特徴に関連する標識の両方を含む写真を使用できます。 (Japanese)

​"acceptable" has been mistranslated into Japanese meaning "can use".

It is a sentence that has a sense of incongruity as Japanese, so can you correct it like this?



There are several other mistranslations, as other Wayfinders have pointed out in the past, but they haven't been fixed yet.

If you can respond, I will let you know in this discussion.

@NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard

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    Please correct the wrong translation into Japanese.

    Please solve the mistranslation of the Wayfarer. What is different from the original meaning is not called translation.


    The link in this tweet is about a mistranslation of “fields”.

    A mistranslation states that the farmland is eligible. Please correctly fix the meaning in the related "fields" in the sport. It is a fatal mistranslation.


    Here is a tweet talking about three mistranslations. Day care center (in Japan, the same sound means elderly care and welfare facility), rehabilitation center (Japanese do not know what kind of facility it means), evacuation center (most of the public facilities in Japan are evacuation centers) For example, the park is also used as an evacuation center. Instead, there are very few “dedicated” evacuation buildings. Please clarify what kind of facility corresponds to Rejection Criteria.)


    And here. The biggest problem is the mistranslation of “PRP” (private property and permanent). This mistranslation appears not only in Wayfarer's help, but also when nominating in the Niantic game app.

    The meanings of "private land" and "individual residence" in Japanese are completely different. The Japanese word "private land" has a fairly broad meaning of "owned by others". This mistranslation of Rejection Criteria is very annoying.

    In Japan, "unique" in Japanese English has a different meaning from English, so I would like you to use kanji instead of katakana when translating so as not to cause misunderstandings.

    Thank you for reading.

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