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How to rate generic additional signs for street name signs?

I've had some discussions in the past about additional signs on street name signs and it seemed like there are two completely different views on it.

What am I writing about? Signs like this (I just had to review this today):

They are (mostly) under the street name sign and explain the origin of the street name in (often) very few words. They are about mostly historical persons (science, art, politics, etc.), but sometimes they can also be found for plants, cities, etc.

As already mentioned, there seem to be two opinions on this:

A) They are educational content and should be accepted

B) They are general signs only, offer little or no educational content and should be refused.

Sometimes there is a subgroup of B with the opinion that if the street is, for example, in the city of birth, the main place of work or the place of **** of the Person, it could be accepted.

While I can understand the idea behind A), my personal opinion on it is B). It's just the way streets are named.

In Germany, beside some generic street names like Hauptstraße, Dorfstraße or Kirchstraße (Main Street, Village Street or Church Street) and some street names with regional references (Bergstraße, Uferstraße, Waldstraße - Mountain Street, Shore Street, Forest Street; sometimes some real local names) in most cities streets were named in (often) groups after plants (sometimes divided into areas with flower names, tree names, etc.) or people (sometimes divided into areas with scientists, musicians, politicians, etc.). I think it is similar in most other countries.

As mentioned above, it's just the way streets are named. Real honor of people is not often the main reason for the name (and if so, then mostly no more than an honor of the person the first time the street opens and never again). It's more like: “We have a new neighborhood, what are we going to name the streets? Trees and flowers are already being used in another area. Let's take politicians, oh no, they are also in use. What about scientists? Mhh, Einstein, Röntgen, Siemens, ... let's choose at least one that is not yet in use in all neighboring cities ... what about Philipp Reis?". Not to forget that the additional signs are often only attached years or decades later.

And the educational content is in most cases less than little. The above example only shows Heisenberg's birth and **** dates and that he was a physicist. It is not even mentioned that he received the Nobel Prize "for the creation of quantum mechanics".

For example, the TomTom company conducted a survey for Germany's street names:

  1. Hauptstraße   6234
  2. Schulstraße   4947
  3. Gartenstraße   4647
  4. Dorfstraße   4529
  5. Bahnhofstraße   4341
  6. Bergstraße   3924
  7. Birkenweg   3121
  8. Lindenstraße   2968
  9. Kirchstraße   2726
  10. Waldstraße   2668
  11. Ringstraße   2514
  12. Schillerstraße   2166
  13. Amselweg   2084
  14. Goethestraße   2066
  15. Wiesenweg   2060
  16. Buchenweg   1911
  17. Jahnstraße   1860
  18. Wiesenstraße   1822
  19. Ahornweg   1803
  20. Feldstraße   1768

The two most famous German poets Schiller (# 12, 2166 Streets) and Goethe (# 14, 2066 Streets) lead the streets named after people and could have a small sign in 2166 and 2066 times that says that they were poets and the date of birth and date of ****. [Rarely seen, but possible: there could also be 3121 signs with small information about birches in every Birkenstrasse - Birch Street]

Is this really worth a Waypoint?

I can't see the relevance.

Or in other words, what about the "Eligibility Criteria"?

A great place for exploration? - Let‘s visit the „Einstein Straße“ and find out when he was born and when he died. And where! Oh, the second piece of infomation is not mentioned there… [Is this really enough for "Historic plaques"?]

A great place for exercise? - Let‘s visit all the „Schiller Straßen“ in the neighbouring towns and cities by bike! [if thats the eligibility creteria: next week we visit all trash graffities in the town…]

A great place to be social with others? - Let's hang out at the Beethoven addition information sign for a bit! That is pretty cool!

But maybe my personal opinion is wrong, of course, and Niantic loves these little signs. I would not hesitate to nominate all the Mozart, Beethoven, Planck, Einstein, Röntgen, Friedrich-Ebert, Streeseman, ... Streets or more precisely: their additional signs.

Even more relevant for me, since it's of course up to me whether or not to nominate them: how should we rate them?


There are, of course, additional signs that are significantly more detailed. In most cases, however, they do not go far beyond the above example.

An impression of the comprehensiveness, from non-existent to half novels, is given by this Google search for additional signs for streets named after Wernher von Braun (there are many pictures for this, since in Germany in many cities there is currently a discussion about renaming streets that have something to do with the Nazi regime, are connected with colonialism, etc.; this discussion is also partly listed on the additional signs and enlarges them additionally):

The huge sign is currently certainly the exception.


  • Jtronmoore-PGOJtronmoore-PGO Posts: 1,224 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The only criteria I could possibly see it making is exploration. For exploration criteria you’d be looking at if it fits into this:

    A place you love to venture out to; a destination or a placemark of local interest and importance and which makes our communities unique and shapes its identity. Somewhere or something that tells the unique story about a place, its history, its cultural meaning, or teaches us about the community we live in.

    Examples of Wayspot categories

    • Historic plaques
    • Unique Art or Architecture
    • Public Libraries
    • Public places of worship
    • Zoos
    • Museums and galleries
    • Community gardens
    • Historical gravestones
    • Nature signs
    • Unusual or unique local shops

    If I was to see something and the supporting info/description is really just the same text as the sign I would reject it. If they gave great educational information I would more than likely rate it better on that aspect alone depending really on what info is given

  • Eneeoh-PGOEneeoh-PGO Posts: 96 ✭✭✭

    We might also ask ourselves of a nomination: why is this thing here, what is its relevance, how unique is it? How does this Point of Interest justify itself?

    A significant person may have been born, raised or educated/trained, retired, or died in some particular town, or perhaps they are beloved or notorious throughout the country or world, but the Point of Interest needs justification.

    Perhaps yours is THE Elm Street of the world, lined with elm trees and leading to the university where Dutch Elm Disease was vanquished. That’s pretty cool!

    Not so much if it’s a bland modern suburb with a dozen streets named after trees that are no longer there, or were never found there at all.

    Nominations also lose points for being too commonplace. One Escherplatz sign might be interesting, but not if appears at two dozen cross streets, worse still in two dozen other towns, as well.

    Its the unique stuff that give flavor to a community that is most interesting, in my opinion.

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