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Hello everyone!

I've participated in the India Wayfarer Challenge because they use English as in their submitions. In contrast, What about Russia? I don't speak russian and I sure that many in this community don't speak either! Will have any rule or something that "obliges" the russian to send their nomination in english for us? If not, the event is not worth for peaple like me that only know english as a foreing language.


  • Roli112-PGORoli112-PGO Posts: 1,431 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Why would they do that? If you're interested in participating you can use a translator.

  • Mormegil71-INGMormegil71-ING Posts: 120 ✭✭✭

    Google Translate is your friend. ;)


    If you are using a smartphone, please install the Chrome browser app and access the Wayfarer site.

    Even if you don't copy and paste the text, you can translate the entire website by selecting Translate from the menu.

    OCR translation of Google Translate app is also useful for reading the characters in the image.

    I can only speak Japanese, but I use this automatic translation to review Russia and read the Wayforum!

    You can overcome the language barrier with the tools of civilization!

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