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Unable to use the word "mountain" in Italian

fpopp21-PGOfpopp21-PGO Posts: 47 ✭✭✭
edited June 2021 in Report a Bug

Since today, If I try to use the word m.o.n.t.e, which is the Italian for "mountain", Wayfarer marks it as an inappropriate word and does not let me save the title/description. I am unaware of whether it is an offensive word in another language, but I hope you will agree that it doesn't really make sense to ban such a common and useful word (for example, I am now unable to mention Europe's highest mountain https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Bianco ).

Other common Italian words that are currently banned include:

  • s.c.o.p.o, "aim" or "sweep", and t.r.o.m.b.a, "trumpet". These two may also be used to talk about **** activities, but it is not their primary meaning and it is unambiguous to understand the intended meaning.
  • v.i.o.l.a, "purple", which can also be a name or surname and for which is impossible to find a synonim
  • n.e.g.r.o, which is a surname and hence the name of some places (such as https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villetta_Di_Negro ).

I understand that some of these words may be problematic, but reviewers should be able to distinguish if a description is talking about the colour purple in Italian or a **** **** in Spanish.

To put things in better perspective, "Di*k" and "co*k" are (rightfully, in my opinion) not banned: their main meaning is clear and possible malicious uses can be reported by reviewers. However, it appears to be a preferential treatment for the English language.

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