Opt In on Challenges?

AgentX1976-INGAgentX1976-ING Posts: 575 ✭✭✭✭✭

While this is a nice thing to be able to temporarily move our hometown location wouldn't it be a better option to see if it can be set up for us to opt In to a location challenge like this?

A question could come up on the home page asking if we would like to participate and show us the incentives to do so. If we choose to we can say yes or no and start getting nominations from the area you are wanting us to review. I think for a lot of us who were trying to choose locations from a very large country like Russia it can be difficult to pick the right areas to help out with out guidance. Poland was probably small enough that it really didn't matter. India is pretty big as well but a central location probably got a lot of the nation covered.


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