Location Edit Appeals: Bolzplatz Springkamp

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Titel of the Wayspot: Bolzplatz Springkamp

Current Location: 52.2820170, 10.5706970 (marker with white dot)

Correct Location: 52.282115,10.570456 (marker with dark red dot)

Additional information: This POI stands for an open soccer field (makes the entire green field possible for potential placement). The issue: The original spot is poorly placed at a badly reachable point, leading to cross passing by players of the Niantic games and interrupting the sportsman in their game. The fix: To prevent this, I suggest moving the POI a couple meters up to the north entrance. This way it should be reachable from "Springkamp" (walkway) for passing players, while still being located at the original soccer field. The new spot should also fit the POI photo much better.

Photos to support the claim:

• Small open entrence north side (new suggested placement)

• view from Springkamp (open walkway)

City: 38104 Braunschweig

County: Germany

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