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Title and Description edits still not saving

Am I missing something? They announced (Below) on May 26 that it has been fixed which clearly it isn't.

"The issue that was causing Title and Description edits to appear as though they weren't saving has been resolved. Thanks for your patience while we investigated!"

I have been checking my Title and Description edits for 30h. My edits are still not saved. Now I have to keep all my descriptions in a text file so I don't need to type it over and over again. How come this bug exists for so long....?

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    Update: My edits are now shown correctly. Guess it just takes a long time to update.

  • kitanchik-INGkitanchik-ING Posts: 77 ✭✭

    my ARE saving. i submit new nomination, then edit the description, then wait ~1h+ and get updated one back from server :) if i try to spam with edit again in this time - i get the error message. it is boring, but it works at last. the supporting text is saved with no problems, so i suspect it is new super-druper-quadro banned words checking system :)

  • MaxEtMoritz-PGOMaxEtMoritz-PGO Posts: 27 ✭✭

    The bug is clearly not fixed, my Title / Description edit i just tried to make still showed as not saving. maybe after waiting a bit this will change, but "fixed" looks different to me😅

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