A top example of how bad reviewers carry on without consequences ...

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Please explain to me how something like this can and should happen? Because THAT is exactly what is currently normal at Wayfarer. That's why I personally have no understanding that you shouldn't complain, especially if you are the point of contact.

@NianticCasey-ING , @NianticGiffard

This is an information sign with a scannable QR code with information about this particular tree species.

~ The reasons for the rejection are:

•The proposal does not meet the acceptance criteria.

- I don't know that informative content about objects (regardless of whether they are buildings or natural features) that do NOT meet the criteria ?!

• Das Foto scheint geneigt, gedreht oder falsch ausgerichtet zu sein.

- Sorry, but did the reviewers who chose the reason close their eyes and randomly choose a reason? Where is or how please, can you get the idea that the photo is tilted here or not correctly aligned?

• The proposal is fake and does not exist at the submitted location.

- So the proposal should be fake or not in the specified location !?

For each of my submissons there is always a street view if necessary (sports fields, playgrounds excluded) so that I can verify the location as precisely as possible. I did that here too!

To support this submisson, I have included this link in the additional information and as you can see when you take a second look, the photo of the post / link EXACTLY shows the tree or the sign that I have suggested here as a wayspot can this submisson be fake and or not exist at this location?

The reviewers who act so badly for the real submitter, you are always disadvantaged, your time is wasted on evaluating, because the upgrade was free, is not compensated by receiving an upgrade as an excuse or exactly these "wrong" rejections from Niantic Being re-watched yourself again (although you know that Niantic can do that) is even more disappointing than the rejection itself. If that were an exception, you wouldn't say anything, but you yourself notice the accumulation of complaints and the lack of understanding for rejections. And having to submit a submisson again and again and to work out an upgrade for it is fraud on the wayfarers! Just the day before yesterday I was only accepted a submisson after the 5th time and was rejected again and again like this one for the most impossible reasons!

Instead there are bans / bans for players who are looking for a way of support or other reviewers hunt down other reviewers to make them look bad or reviewers who purposely convey flat criteria via YouTube that are AGAINST the requirements of Niantic.

I'm only interested in what Niantic has to say about it, or as always any statement on the subject will be withdrawn and the wayfarers will be left to their own devices ????

@NianticAaron , @NianticGiffard, @NianticKK



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    And to be honest, it doesn't appear as if you are reading through everything I have written here!? I have no idea which country you are from, but if you have no idea why and how to use a QR code , I can explain it gladly, because your "requested information" is hidden behind this. Here are these Schider in general wayspots 👍🏻 and if those were self-made fakes, then I would hardly complain in the forum about it! Besides, it is a project our city, to bring people closer to the knowledge about nature / trees (I also stated 👍🏻 should not have escaped you the photo should be "inclined or misaligned." And next to ... ☝🏻 even "If" I would create a nature trail and print signs, nothing speaks against it, as long as the content is correct tist and you would pass on information through it sich behaves just like a self-built public bookshelf, insect hotel or a mural or stopped power box so please don't tell such nonsense. Just because you don't like something is not a reason for rejection. You don't have to like what meets the criteria, that's what the criteria are for.

    And if anything would arrive via the form, I would probably not do it via the forum!

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    ️🤷🏻‍♂️ So if that's NOT enough for the location, I don't know either !?

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    That's what it's about to me 🤷🏻‍♂️ ... who should you put the pressure on if you don't "know" the examiners, I don't want to. 👍🏻 I'm after all the wrong reasons. Something MUST be done against it, because this is a sign that the reviewers are NOT checking direction and are not looking carefully at suggestions.

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    But the question does not arise. Who says the church is still there tomorrow that yesterday submitted? In America only wooden huts and in Germany every second one is closed and then torn down at some point. Who says that the power box that you painted won't be replaced tomorrow !? To speculate whether information will still be accessible tomorrow or whether a wayspot will still exist tomorrow is not our job, because then you have to ask yourself the question for 50% of all submissons and reject them. In some of the AMAs it was once stated that "one should" accept potential suggestions, since these can still be deleted afterwards. The fact that the website is currently being restructured is of course bad for my evidence at this moment, but as in another answer ( which still appears because of a photo), the whole park is currently under renovation.

    Because Niantic has also called for this point that we as players should also inquire whether we should not support the region, e.g. to have insect hotels set up and the like. This was a few weeks ago for this environmental event, where players were supposed to collect garbage at the same time to clean up the environment!

    I always find it funny that only ingress players are too comfortable to look for a fly in the ointment. Last time I had a discussion on Facebook with someone who does not want to accept meeting places such as cafés or restaurants, as these should still be rejected in the old criteria. Here I draw parallels to the QR codes, because this type of sign is relatively new and at the same time supports the current technology that we carry with us, i.e. actually it is submitted for people not to take their eyes off their smartphone .

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    That the website is under renovation right now is an unfortunate coincidence as the whole park is currently being renovated and redesigned!

    And yet it doesn't matter how they pass on information!

    (New signs on a lake )

    Because these signs would be very easy to forge, like everything else!

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    If the park if currently being renovated, and the site for the QR codes is still being built, then you should be patient and wait until this is completed to submit.

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    I would have rejected this nomination as well. When I submit objects in Pokemon Go/Ingress, I always ask "would I accept this myself".

    To the people crying about the rejection reasons, there's probably 50+ people reviewing your nominations. The probability that someone accidentally clicks the wrong thing is indeed possible or 1 dumb people who can't read. Also, it gives all of the rejection reasons in the email you get.

    So, the distribution might have looked like this:

    Accepted - 7

    Other Rejection Criteria - 42

    Does Not Exist - 1

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    I wouldn't approve anything nailed on a tree. I would skip it or close Wayfarer, but I would not vote to suggest that it is a good nomination.

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    If it were indeed the case that the old AMA did not play a role, then a lot of objects and also suggestions would fall off the grid and that makes no sense, because there are many objects that were only mentioned in the old AMA that were in the new criteria are not mentioned. The best example -> "Watermark". in the old AMA it is still said that time stamps and camera recordings are also considered watermarks, this is not mentioned in the new criteria. But Niantic deletes them (there was an example in the German Showcase) as a watermark. And then there is a Youtuber who repeatedly emphasizes that these overlays are not watermarks because it is not in the criteria. Also, you can no longer find an explanation of bridges on hiking trails that were still mentioned in the old criteria, which will then also disappear? sry but to say that old criteria or mentions are no longer correct is simply wrong.

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    Then I hope that you will not accept any other information signs for trees and bushes !? Because that's exactly what this is, the look doesn't matter. It's the same with community boards, it's not about the look of a wayspot, but about the intention. And the intention fulfills the criteria and if you don't submit something yourself, it has nothing to do with the criteria.

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    This is where you're wrong. Your nomination looks like a mass-produced sign that was nailed to the tree. What's insane to me, is that almost every person who has replied has said it was a bad nomination. Yet, you're so adamant that it's amazing. Did you come to the forums and expect to be praised? You posted good supporting information, a photosphere, and a nice overall picture of the nomination. I actually like the effort you put into the nomination and I bet you've submitted some really good ones. You've unfortunately missed the mark on this one and you need to move on.

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    That's not the best sign i see, but in my opinion, it should be accepted.

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    Nailing things on trees is a no-go for anyone that cares about nature, I can't really believe that any organization behaves that way and then takes photos with happy smiles.

    It can promote other people to behave in the same way, so if you want to nominate it go ahead, but I wouldn't be the one that could approve it.

    If approved, other people could start printing such small QR and nailing them in all the trees. Look around, there are better ways and if anything, wayfarer should allow us to see the good ideas, not how to damage nature.

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    Now, unfortunately, I have to laugh, "mass production" me. You should familiarize yourself with the term and the reason for mass production. Because objects that can be passed on, such as community boards that all look the same, or a religious way of the cross, are all mass-produced, but do not fall under this reason for rejection because they either form a series (OR e.g. a tour). That is why Thmen cycle path stickers that are also there every kilometer do not belong under this point. Even if these occur frequently, a route should be built here that you follow, i.e. the point movement. And e.g. the sign that I suggested belongs to the point, discover (because you have to look for it) and move, because you have to move to the area in which these can be found = therefore belong to the entire series. There are no rules anywhere that say how big a wayspot has to be. Stumbling blocks are no bigger and the information (when the website is finished again) can be found. So sorry, yes I'm upset, but much worse is that many simply don't know terms AND criteria and so it's easy to find a sign that is too "simple" designed not to be good! Because again, you don't have to like a submission, you just have to meet the criteria and this submission does that in all points.

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    I've run into a few people who are under the impression that using the same reject reason too many times in a row will trigger a cool down, so they change up reasons, so there is another potential source.

    Niantic could do a better job of harmonizing what reviewers choose vs. what is in the email. A good example is the "Low quality photo" which in the email will be "blurry or dark", which is bad practice. Just say "low quality photo" in the email.

    But yeah, it'll probably never go away entirely, and that isn't the real issue OP is upset about, rather they are just upset about the overall rejection despite the clear deficiencies of the submission.

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    @SlicedPeas-ING Yes, the disconnect between what reviewers select and what is shown to the submitter is pretty annoying.

    Niantic could solve a lot of this outrage by being pickier about what reasons they include in rejection email. I think right now they're trying to fill three reasons if they possibly can, even if it means scraping the bottom of the barrel for the thing that just one person selected. If they only included reasons that had more of a consensus a lot of this issue would evaporate.

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    I would talk to whomever initially had the QR Code idea and tell them to include a small blurb on the sign. It seems like this QR Code idea is still in the works for other areas of the park. Maybe they would listen and add some more information to it. Also, instead of nailing it to a tree, to have a small post on the side of the tree. You can continually re-submit this, but I don't think anything will change. I think it's a bad submission and unless you get really lucky, it won't accepted.

    Also, with your mass produced comment at the top. You include community boards and religious crosses, however they aren't always accepted either. If you have a random cross sitting in the middle of nowhere, it's not going to get accepted.

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    Quoting a few posters here because I still think folks believe that it takes many many rejection votes to get something rejected out of the system. I do not believe that to be the case based on my experience and as I've mentioned in other posts, there has been some antidotal research by intuitive wayfarers that contradicts that narrative. So @Ykrichard-PGO I would guess (especially since this was upgraded and only submitted within the last couple of months) that this got somewhere between 5-10 rejections before getting kicked out of voting and was rejected.

    So your distribution numbers are likely way off.

    @Hosette-ING You have a point about scraping the barrel for reasons, but with so few rejections required to get a submission booted in most cases you are likely always going to see all the reasons that were selected to get something got rejected.

    As for this submission, its a tough sell. Not that it's an entirely invalid submission but the subject of the POI will never photo well. There is just not much there. Many reviewers (not all) will look at the picture of what looks like something you could print off your home office inkjet and nail to the tree and think immediately faked. I have several of these types of information trail markers in my area but they more official looking because they are older and don't use the QRC as the means of interacting with hikers.

    If you are to try again, I would not upgrade. Or if you do upgrade give it plenty of time within the local voting pool first. It may require several attempts. Good luck.

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    Additionally, based on the link you provided about the park, it looks like there are a ton of other things that you can submit that would likely be much easier to get approved. Assuming that aren't already stops I would stick with submitting those or the new structures as they get completed.

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    You're information on the amount of rejections needed is as much of a guess as mine. So, while mine isn't correct, I was giving him the reason as to what likely happened.

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    Many of the objects are already in the game or at least have been submitted. And others have not yet been completed, so that these will then be submitted in the future. The only funny thing is that 2 of these signs already exist in the game and 1 of them is in close proximity to the one that has now been rejected.

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