Requesting ability to input why you're editing location!

hattersmatter-PGOhattersmatter-PGO Posts: 6 ✭✭
edited June 2021 in Location Edit Appeals

I now have nominated 2 WaySpot's that are too close together so they will show up in Ingress but not PoGo. I am mostly a PoGo player and still figuring out a lot when nominating. I am not a high enough level to request a location edit in Ingress, therefore I can only request location edits PoGo. It would be really nice when you go to request an edit in game, that there is a spot to write why you want it moved because people not familiar with your area or the grid in general won't understand. I myself have had a difficult time voting on "which location fits best" because both might be viable - I just don't know the grid to see where it currently is and where they want it moved to be like "Oh okay, I see that they want it moved to the middle because it's just over the line". A little room for explanation would go a long way.


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