Duplicate Nominations

Title of the Wayspot: Arte do Cavalo

Location: <-20.7838,-42.872985>

City: Viçosa

Country: Brazil

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: In the last few days, I'm reviewing and I saw that Viçosa's wayfinders are stealing photos of POIs from other cities. The nomination of the photos I uploaded is a duplicate of a POI in my city. You can verify my claim here.

They stole both the main photo and the supporting photo to add credibility to their request. Also, they acted in bad faith because the location has no street view. You can verify my claim here. For that reason, for the request to be approved, the other wayfinders would have to go for their word. What they did was a criminal and immoral action.

Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot of the rejection email, because I live 112 miles from this city.

Also, if you review the backing photo they misappropriated (Proof B), it can help prove that the nomination is false. To the right of the photo, on the corner of the street, there is a church. There is no one near this POI, created in Viçosa. However, from the city they stole the photo from, it does. You can verify my claim here.



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