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14Cells that stop does not appear (Dead cell?), Please solve this problem.

Hello. First of all, please understand that it might be awkward because it is a translation.

I found a cell that seemed to have died for some unknown reason.😵

I hope this problem will be solved soon.

The picture below is the cell(red). (Approximately 37.399205, 126.637127)

< There are B and C in the red cell. A is the cell right next to it.

Let me explain the status of A, B and C.

A-세븐일레븐 송도커넬워크점(It was sponsored GYM. Now the sponsor is over and gone.)

I attached it because I think I need an explanation because it is close to B.

Explain that there is no interference because it is Sponsored GYM.

I shall not comment on A now.🤐

B-NC큐브 커넬워트 여름 잉어(It was GYM.😭)

It was GYM. I don't remember exactly when, but it suddenly disappeared. 😭😭😭

C-속눈썹이 예쁜 기린(After B disappears, stop created by upgrade)

I don't have much to say. It doesn't appear on the pogo. 😭😭😭

This is a photo on pogo, roughly indicating the red cell.

< Neither gym-B nor upgraded-C.😭😭😭😭😭

'37.399205, 126.637127', That's the location.

I want to recreate the missing GYM-B for no reason.

Also, upgraded C also wants to be created. You know, it's not easy to get an upgrade.😵(Or at least upgrade it back.)

I hope you get both. Please give me a positive answer.😁 Thank you for reading it.

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